1st day

It’s second “story” in my blog. Let’s start?
On Monday we came to LUNN at 8 o’clock. That was difficult. I miss summer and sleeping until lunch(offtop).
I thought, that Monday’s morning can’t be funny and soft. My mistake.
Instead boring lessens we get awesome quest from our teachers. We ran across the University like…Hm, like someone from animals world)))
Our team, “Apple”, wasn’t creative enough.

(Monday’s morning nonetheless made amendments to our faces)
I really haven’t 10 selfies to post, they’re the same.
But, in my group there is human named Mark. He lost his team: they walked to East, but Mark gone to North. Really dangerous, isn’t it? Елена Хохлова was scared about that and lost consciousness! Her friend, Polina, fell down the stairs. What’s next?-A lot of blood,meat and rainbow.
(I haven’t been with them, but one member of this nightmare asked me to describe that)

Generally, our 1st day was wonderful! Thanks a lot for Екатерина Соткина and other teachers!

Please, help me, how i can use Emoji in my writing?)
 “May the Force be with you”