Desilter and Desander are Used to Process Large Volumes of Drilling Fluid

Drilling mud desander as the second stage of the solids control equipment are play an important role in the solids control system, so the daily maintenance and the normal application is also very important. KOSUN oilfield drilling mud desander is used as the 2nd stage drilling fluid solids control equipment of drilling fluids system. The oil drilling desander makes separations between 45 and 75 microns.

Desilter and desander are used to process large volumes of drilling fluid to remove abrasive sands and silts that shale shakers cannot remove. KOSUN’s desilting and desanding hydrocyclones are made from high density abrasion resistant polyurethane. The unique internal manifold design minimises the back pressure on hydrocyclones and maximises the solids removal. Fine tuning is achieved through adjustable orifice openings at the discharge point on the cone.

It is well represented by U.S. Baroid, Brandt, Sweco and so on because of their first-tier quality, function and higher standardization, serialization as well as customization. Their latest upgrading transformations in the design are mainly reflected on the driving mode of fine-mesh high-frequency shale shaker, tensioning mode of shaker screens, cross-section shape of cyclone’s inlet passage, materials for upper, lower cones and lining, etc, and have been widely applied for better purification and stabler performance.

Later on, the situation was progressively improved by the invention of ultra-fine mesh shale shaker, desander, desilter, drilling fluids decanter centrifuge, vacuum degasser, mud agitator, concocting devices as well as matching mud tanks, electrical control cabinet and so on, with total weight beyond 5 tons, aggregate power consumption close to 300kW, solid content controlled below 5% and mud’s low density properties available to adjust when needed.

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