KOSUN VC-1000 Vertical Cuttings Dryer may Assist You Meet Environmental Objectives

Due to more and more rigorous environmental needs round the world, the value impact of drilling waste management for oil primarily based drilling operations is steady increasing. This puts an oversized concentrate on the power to expeditiously clean, transport, and lose cuttings, whereas increasing fluids recovery. traditionally, a made dill waste management operation would need an oversized on web site footprint, more increasing operator pad construction prices. because the importance of driling waste management system will increase throughout the trade it’s necessary to possess an answer that may still deliver field-proven results whereas reducing operator liability and value.

The vertical centrifuge makes its contribution with its innovative method once the sedimentary rock shaker completes its task. Cuttings that jump over the shaker usually have a median of half-hour to five hundredth mythical creature (Retention on Cuttings) once they enter the proprietary auger system and start to cycle through the VERTI-G cuttings dryer. The initial process is finished with a vertical cutting drier that utilizes force to require advantage of their differing densities to separate the biggest portion of the remaining lubricating substance from the cuttings. The processed cuttings square measure discharged from the vortex drier into the adjacent sedimentary rock bin, so have a median mythical creature between 4 wheel drive and seven once process is complete. This mythical creature share represents cuttings appropriate for immediate disposal requiring lowest if any longer stabilization. Processed waste product is lighter, less toxicant and could be a a lot of cost-efficiency.

KOSUN VC-1000 vertical cuttings dryer may assist you meet environmental objectives by reducing waste volume, increasing liquid recovery and reducing your project value. KOSUN Solids management will give all-round mud utilisation and treatment instrumentality. The vertical cuttings drier options a progressive style that may method variable amounts of cuttings and fluids, usually up to sixty tons per hour. Dry solids discharged from the drier square measure typically≤5% oil content by wet weight. The vertical cuttings drier improves overall cost-efficiency, manufacturing reduced amounts of extraordinarily dry cuttings for disposal and sick valuable fluid for utilize. it’s effective with water-, oil- and synthetic-base drilling fluids.

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