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Good day! In order to answer, what is COSS, you need to understand the term crypto currency. Crypto currency is an electronic currency, which in our time stands on a level with dollars, euros, etc. In contrast to the currencies we are familiar with, crypto-currencies are independent, i.е. You should not be in front of anyone (the law) to report for the presence of a number of bitcoins, for example.

Now to the main thing — what is COSS ( and why is it needed? — The answer is quite simple: if there are electronic currencies, then you need to somehow manage them, do not you?

The abbreviation COSS stands for Crypto One Stop Solution and is a platform that covers all functions of the digital economic system based on crypto currency. COSS was launched in the beta version on 1st August.

COSS is a project without limits — the possibilities are endless. The main goal is the propagation of crypto-currencies to the masses, because many still do not know the meaning of this term and quite often become slaves of banking systems, behind which there is absolutely nothing.
Thanks to the good work of the COSS team, for such a short time the system has more than a thousand users and more than a hundred sellers! The indicators are growing daily.

COSS will run a DAO (Distributed-Autonomy-Organization) that shares its revenue with holders of TOKEN. DAO is supported by COSS tokens, a crypto built on the Ethereum platform proving the sharing rights in the COSS application. 50% of revenue generated by DAO is shared among the token owners. Tokens COSS DAO is operated through a smart Ethereum contract that controls the distribution and allocation of revenue streams generated by the platform. The platform itself is operated by COSS Pte Ltd. Registered in Singapore, and therefore centralized. 50% of revenue generated by the platform is paid to the owner of the COSS DAO token in the form of transaction fees originating from the appropriate currency .

Platform generates revenue from 3 SOURCE:
Withdrawal fee:
Cryptocurrency withdrawal fees generate revenue for the platform, but most of the costs are used by the network to process the withdrawal. Throughout this process no direct revenue is generated, which means no amount of withdrawal fee divided by the owner of the DAO tokens.

Stock exchange transaction fee:
COSS uses a decision-making transaction cost scheme, which generates pure revenue for the platform. The fee is charged from both members who participate in the trade. 50% of this revenue is shared with the owner of the DAO tokens.
Fees start with 0.2% of takers and maker costs, and end with 0.04% coming from transactions.

Payment gateway :
Merchants selling goods through a payment gateway or POS create revenue
For platforms
Costs are generated in the crypto used for the transaction. Cost
Generated in both cryptocurrencies are traded in a pair. In the case of FIAT pairs, only the fees paid in cryptocurrencies are distributed to the token holders.50% of this revenue is shared with the owner of the DAO tokens.
The COSS merchant platform operates at a cost of 0.75% derived from each transaction.

COSS TOKEN is a revenue-generating crypto, developed in Ethereal Blockchain as Token ERC20, which enables the owner to receive revenue in the form of transaction costs imposed by the COSS system for cryptographic transactions.
COSS token holders receive income into their wallets every week. Currently, the division generated revenue from transaction fees when the payment in Bitcoin, Ether, and other cryptographic supported by COSS sent through the Payment Gateway / POS and / or via Crypto Exchange. In the nearest future, COSS will adopt other revenue generating features.

Symbol: COSS
Total inventory: Token COSS 200,000,000 (Two Hundred Million Token COSS)
Exchange Rate: 1ETH = 600 Token COSS
Allocation COSS Tokens:

Supply Maximum — 200,000,000 Token COSS
25,000. *** COSS tokens allocated to Developers, Staff, Strategic Partners, Shareholders and Board of Directors will be locked for 180 days. COSS Tokens Swap (ICO) — Distribution Plan Fund: 50% — IT Development, User Experience, Settlement Road 25% — Merger and Acquisition of 10% — Marketing Plan 10% — Operating 5% — Shareholders, the Board of Directors, Advisory Board System Escrow : All ETH from the Main Token Swap (ICO) starting on August 8, 2017 will enter into Multi-Sig Wallet with 3 Signors. Disposal Procedures from ETH Escrow Wallet will be made annually on the basis of approved budgeting submitted by COSS Management:
2.Click Register for Token Swap
3.Fill in Name and Email Address
4.Click the verification link in the email from
5.Sign in to your coss dashboard
6.Click contribute now
7.Enter the amount of ETH you want to exchange
8.Copy the ETH address displayed on your Dashboard
9.Go to your ETH wallet and send ETH amount to ETH wallet displayed on your dashboard
10.The number of COSS Tokens you are eligible to display on your dashboard
11.Link your ERC20 compatible wallet to your profile if you want the COSS token sent directly to you when launched
12.If 11 is left empty, your COSS token will be released to your COSS wallet in
13.You’re ready Wait until September 20 for COSS Token Release.

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