Flight turbulence and ICICI Bank, weekly market insights in 2 min 36 seconds

For me, vacations meant train rides and fighting with my brother for the top berth in the second class sleeper.

Second-class, non-ac sleeper!

Somewhere in between my generation and my kid’s generation, the transition happened. Air-conditioned berths and more regularly — flights.

Flights became cheaper and plentiful. I remember the first time my company sent me to Aurangabad from Mumbai on a flight; it required serious thought and permissions.

The airline industry has taken giant strides in connectivity and cost efficiencies. Our airports are now really world class and the UDAAN scheme seems very promising. But then, funnily enough, the industry by itself seems to be in stress. It’s a classic case of where you can have tons of demand, crazy growth rates, massive adoption and government push and yet have a shaky fundamental. Read more about that in our meaningful minutes here. It’s a quick insightful read. (Or read the research team’s detailed report on it)

Coming to tough questions about companies going through turbulent times. My favourite is the ICICI bank. It’s got enough and more on its plate, but it takes a sharp analyst to say that this may be just the time you want to have a close look at the stock. Read what we have to say about ICICI bank. Hint — it’s not negative :)

On the markets, here are some tidbits for you. I really don’t know why they should be so important during your weekend, but here goes:

· Nifty close to 52-week high, trading higher than 20, 50, 100 and 200-day averages but lower than the 5-day average

· Overall market breadth still poor — 1754 stocks declined while 1055 stocks rose; market cap of the market declined 0.53%; the overall market price fell 0.46% even though trading volumes rose 12.86%, as on Friday

· BSE Teck has been gaining for 5 consecutive days. TCS even saw the highest market cap increase

· Earnings was the biggest factor in driving market. Companies that rose or kept rising consecutively were in the news for their earnings.

· 14 indices traded higher than their day moving averages, while 1 — BSE IPO — trading lower.

Here is my favourite read on the Iran US sanctions and how it affects us in India. I always love these macro things that affect the cost of me living my non-descript life.

And then some more reading for this weekend:

· International proxy advisory firms were in news this week. Here’s our beginner’s guide on what these firms are and the whole issue surrounding it.

· Pledged holdings by promoters drop in June 2018 quarter. These numbers matter. Read why and how here.

Most importantly, here are the top recommendations from this week:

· 61 stock BUY/SELL recos (most of which are earnings-based)

· 7 sector-specific strategies

· 1 market strategy report

See what you can use amongst these. You can always let us know if they worked for you. Write to us. Tweet. Anything that does the trick for you. Feedback is always welcome, friend.

End note: A very smart friend of mine in aviation was telling me that the annual air traffic of a city is generally, as a rule of thumb, 3 to 4 times its total population. Wow. Seriously!? I would have naively estimated it to be at 10 to 20%. Dataset should always change your mindset. Here is one more: Union Minister Jayant Sinha has said that the number of air passengers in the country has gone up to more than 10 crore, which is higher than railway passengers travelling in AC coaches. (Source: ET)

I guess I am not the only one abandoning the train.

Happy travelling,


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