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Bansi paharpur stone

Bansi paharpur pink sandstone

Bansi paharpur sandstone is found in bayana tehsil of bharatpur district of Rajasthan india,this stone is available in three colour- pink,red and barra,it is very soft sand stone better than kota rajasthan sandstone,it is used for wall cladding,flooring,stone article and chokhat frame etc.readymade stone article main market in manpur & sikandra in jaipur agra four lane,there are many famous historical building made by bansi paharpur sandstone just like- agra fort, lal kila dehli,jaipur city palace,supreme court jaipur and hawa mahal,this is being used in Ram mandir in ayodhya,the biggest feature of this stone is that the stone…

Mukesh Meena

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