Think critically

Today, a friend on Twitter was questioned regarding money-lending issue, which reminds me of what happened to me in 2012.

I admit that it’s hard to trust someone when financial issues are involved, and even when the trust is established, it’s very vulnerable. Seeing is believing. Please talk to the person and get to know what kind of person is he. It’s unwise to judge someone, especially a friend, base on rumours or words from strangers.

However, your trust may be betrayed. If you are having butterflies in the stomach after you get to know the person, then maybe it’s time to stop trusting. In this case, your loss of confidence is based on your own judgment, and not on someone else’s judgments or “proofs” that cannot be proven.

Profits come with prices. No one can separate them apart. As for me, if I choose to trust, I would hesitate on things that cannot be verified.

Friendship can be fragile. Please give your friend a chance to explain the whole story, or you might lose him as a friend. Everyone wears a mask. Words or “proofs” published on public medium usually cannot present the whole picture. If you cannot get in touch with your friend when things happened, then you should reconsider your friendship. If you are able to contact him, please give him a chance to explain before you make any decision.

May friends be with you!