Creating Leaders forever

Talking on leadership is like exploring an ocean with infinite depth. I have no expertise on this topic, but I have chosen to take the “leadership” and throw my views in open. I have read number of articles on leadership and each of it has a different angle to it and the deeper you go the more insight you gain, some readily applicable with overnight results, some just concepts and some having long term goals.

We generally correlate leadership, to a leader who throws his/her hands up and shows the way to achievement of an objective by being at the forefront. The leader guides, steers, makes decisions, manages and does n-number of things to achieve the final goal. The success depends on how leader manages to prepare the unit to be capable enough to face any storm. Till the time leadership is under constant evolution.

To me leadership is a theory, anyone can apply it and there is no single way to it. It arises from various circumstances and is a way of living and which must be taught. It cannot be linked to a single individual. In simple words leadership is an act of being great, brave and selfless. I write this article to explore the concept of leadership. I would like to start by describing in brief how the concept works in case of organizations. My ultimate goal is to get an answer as to why can’t we make it possible for everyone to learn leadership?

Right from a start-up to a large organization the driver is always the leader. These drivers are individuals with different traits, but a similar leadership foundation. They are ready to take the challenge of transforming the organization and guiding it to achieve the objectives. With the kind of sacrifices a leader makes, the organization tends to depend on it and feed on it. The challenges and pressure increases and a new leadership stage evolves with each situation. This is an individual dependent organization, it’s a pull system wherein the leader is pulling the deadweight of the organization, and until the person is there the organization is moving forward. If the leader is lost, the department, the committee and the organization all crumbles. The highest level of sustainability of the organization is dependent on the leader.

On exploring and understanding the businesses deeply, the other method to run an organization smoothly and sustainably is to train it in leadership. Can an organization be trained into leadership? In my view yes. For this to work, the first important thing is to create a culture of leadership within organization. The person with smallest responsibility must be capable enough to face the storm. This can be done when the leader is prepared to train and hand over the task to someone else. Leader has to continuously look for new challenges and keep handing over his/her charge to emerging leaders. Instead of being at the front a true leader must ensure that each person in the organization is in sync and if one person is lost other one is ready to take its position, ensuring a sustainable climate. This not only helps organization grow multifold but also assures full commitment, zeal, passion and drive of a “leader” within each person.