Andela bootcamp experience

I must admit beforehand that writing blogs or posts is not my thing. You will have to forgive my writing style if it isn’t to the required level. However, I acknowledge that it is through writing articles, blog posts, books, or even publications that one can share his or her thoughts, pass knowledge to instruct, teach, guide, and offer advice to his/her target audience. As A. Einstein puts it, “If you can’t explain it to a six year old, you don’t understand it yourself”. It therefore begs me to succinctly and concisely pen down my thoughts on the Andela bootcamp cohort X experience.

With such a dedicated, brilliant, and talented team behind the program, the moment you set foot on the Nairobi office, you absolutely can tell you are in for an exciting but most challenging times in your life. The morning pre-work exercises makes you feel at home and look forward to settling down behind you laptop to offer solutions that will change the lives of the common man across the globe. On the first day of the bootcamp together with other invitees, we’re taken through a very fast paced learning schedule that almost sent me crazy, but I thank God my previous education had prepared me for such kind of experiences. I had the opportunity of being introduced on how to create “TestCases” for program codes that are very useful in teaching and learning environments like in schools. Moreover quality lessons on using Git and GitHub was also provided, that is really important to every programmer.

With a lot of individual and group computer coding tasks and home assignments, we worked tirelessly to achieve the set objectives. I believe by the end of the bootcamp my programming logic skills would have improved notably. In addition, meeting such a diverse and talented individuals at the camp continues to inspire me and spur the spirit of excellence within me. In all “This Is Andela #TIA”, and we must get better at what we do everyday.