No Man’s Sky: What I’d add or change.

Because, it’s all I’ve been playing/doing for the past week

Thank you Hello Games for a wonderful gaming experience!

Let’s get this out of the way first: I’m LOVING Hello GamesNo Man’s Sky.

Since it’s release August 9th, I’ve done little else but explore, meander, get lost, dogfight space pirates, catalog and name star systems, planets, flora, and fauna, and learn three new languages in the Euclid Galaxy of No Man’s Sky.

Being the entitled brats that gamers are, even though we may love No Man’s Sky, frequent crashes and all, we spoiled children/gamers have a shopping list of changes and additions we’d like to see.

I fed this bunny…, bird… thing, and it gave me a smiley face!

I have only three on my list.

After the bug and crash fixes, here’s what I’d add or change:

  1. The inventory system: Has no one learned anything from all the heat Bungie took for its inventory system in Destiny?!?!

STACKS!!!! Let us stack items!!! Items such as warp cells or antimatter!! Please!

I love my ship. It reminds me of the Colonial Viper from the original Battlestar Galactica. Oh, and, by the way… STACKS!!!!

After much player moaning and groaning, Bungie eventually upgraded Destiny’s inventory system. It still wasn’t enough (because it never is; we’re so demanding), but it was certainly better than before.

I understand that in the pre-launch, beta version of No Man’s Sky, players could only stack 100 each of the various elements. The day-one patch apparently fixed that, where we can now hold stacks of 250 in our exosuit and 500 in our ship.

Kudos to Hello Games for that change!

2. When upgrading or adding features to the exosuit, ship, and/or multi-tool, the units receive bonuses (not sure how much) if components are adjacent to one another.

For example, if a boltcaster damage bonus companion unit is placed next to the boltcaster unit, both units will be highlighted in red, indicating that they receive an additional bonus. And so on, with scanner and mining beam units.

Adding additional companion units isn’t necessary, nor is placing them right next to their parent unit. But, I’m guessing, it helps.

Note the highlighted areas in green, red, and yellow. The colors show the units complement their related parent components.

The puzzle of installing new units efficiently is the random and jumbled placement of available inventory slots and permanent components of exosuit, ship, and multi-tool. This makes juggling and attaching newer components a compromise; players cannot always place complementary units next to one another.

That’s fine. Part of the game is compromise. I have no problem with that.

The issue I have with this system is that, in order to place a new unit next to its complementary component, I have to destroy the unrelated unit that is taking up a neighboring inventory slot.

Another species I “discovered.” Not friendly at all!

But, if still I want the unrelated unit (that I just destroyed) somewhere else, I have to rebuild it, meaning I have to gather the necessary ingredients, some of which are very rare or very expensive.

It’d be so much easier if I could just move units around without having to destroy and rebuild others. I don’t know if this was intentional. I hope it was just an oversight.

When I find a new multi-tool or ship with more inventory slots, I always have to decide, do I really want to gather and/or pay for all those rare and expensive ingredients again, to get the new multi-tool and ship up to par with my old one.

So far, I’ve only acquired a new multi-tool and ship once.

I can own a freighter?!?! Yes please!!! The contrails above are space pirates. For scale purposes, the pirate attackers are the same size as the player’s ship.

3. Apparently future patches may allow players to own a HUGE freighters we see flying around, and we may be able to build bases on planets.

That would be AWESOME!!!

With that in mind, and those are some big, BIG additions, I hope that we can eventually custom build our multi-tools and personal ships to our taste.

All of the multi-tool and ship models are randomly generated from a pool of graphic components. I would LOVE to be able to put that wing configuration on this hull with that engine pod in this color scheme.

My pre-order bonus ship; note the similar configuration to my ship above, with minor changes.

And that’s it. Really. I’ve loving this game. I don’t know if what I’m asking above is a huge deal or not. I’ve no clue about programming or coding.

But if we can own freighters and build bases?

Please, make it so.

Congratulations to Hello Games for No Man’s Sky success!

The small team of geniuses behind No Man’s Sky; thanks again!