Vern Aarron was born in 1745 in Liverpool. He came from very poor family and dreamed to grow rich in the childhood, because he wanted that his parents didn’t need anything. And once his dream came true. When he was 13 years old, he was kidnapped by pirates. Vern wanted to live and he became a pirate too. After a while he found a treasure. And he could bring a part to his patents. They didn’t meet, but his parents were happy , because their son was alive and they didn’t need money anyway. When Vern was 20 years old and he became a chief pirate by the ship. And once he and his team attack a ship of the rich merchant. He met his future wife Margarita Smith there. She was a daughter of the richest merchant in England. He kidnapped her. Margarita had been frightened, but she fell in love with Vern soon. He cared for her. Her father tried to find her,but all was vain.

In 1770 Margarita gave birth to a baby boy. His name was Glen Smith. But he didn’t become a pirate like his father in the future. He inherited the team of the pirates, the ship and a lot of gold after the death of his. parents. Glen became like his grandfather. He traveled extensively, bought different overseas things and sold them in London. Once he arrived in France. He met a charming girl, a daughter of the peasant’s daughter there. Her name was Bella Frella. They got married in France!

Bella gave birth to their son Stefan in 1791. Then the Smith’s family was one of the richest families in the world! Stefan didn’t need anything. He hadn’t love only. His parents chose to him different brides, but any wasn’t pleasant to him. Others needed his money. Stefan was already disappointed in this life and wanted to die. But a new housemaid came to their house. Her name was Lily. She was beautiful like a blossoming rose. They fell in love with each other and got married. Stefan was happy! Lily gave birth to their child Bob in 1816. Bob was very clever boy. He had different talents. He could draw, play the piano, dance, he knew 6 different languages: French, German, Spanish, Greek, Italian and Russian. But he couldn’t do a family business.

I speak about his family inheritance. He spent money as he wanted and was on a poverty side soon. But Bob could sing also perfectly. And he was on France once, he decided to go for a listening in the Grand Opera. It was the most popular opera of that time! And he received a leading role! Bob could grow rich again. He decided to settle down in France. In a couple of years he married his fan Rita Rudberg. Rita gave birth to two boys in 1845. They were twins: Andrew Smith and Alex Smith.

But unfortunately Rita died right after childbirth and Bob was a single-parent. He raised the children alone. Alex married the first in 1865. Alex worked together with his father in the opera. He was the famous singer too! He married Alice Kruger. She was the famous actress from Italy too! They were happy that they have found each other. Alice gave birth to their daughter Lana in 1867. Lana married young the famous composer Antonio Salieri. They gave birth to their son. Mark Salieri was born in 1886 in Provence. When Mark had grown up, he became a scientist. He dreamed to leave this city. And his dream came true in 1906. He went to Amerika to glorify his invention. A bit later he met his future wife Erykah Marshal in Chicago. The got married in 1910. They had a daughter Emma.

Andrew Smith married after his brother in five years. Andrew wasn’t so successful in life. But he had a loving wife Marina Kraft. She was German. She came from the rich family which decided to develop their business in France. Marina’s parents were against their marriage because they thought that Andrew was a gigolo. But they were wrong. When Marina’s father was sick, Andrew could advance his business adequately. And after that Marina married Andrew. She gave birth to their son John.

He looked after his great great great grandfather in looks. Many people were afraid of him, but he had a kind heart. He liked to travel and went to America to see the New World. So John got acquainted with a girl from the Indian tribe Lula Fra. Lula loved John very much, they couldn’t marry because of traditions of the Indian tribe. Therefore she escaped with him from the house and from parents. They began to live in the Wild West. They got married in 1870 and Lula gave birth to their son North.

North was a sherif of a small town under the name “Master”. He was very handsome man and many women went crazy over him. But he fell in love with a girl Sveta who didn’t pay attention to him at all. But he could achieve her. Sveta gave birth to their son Michael in 1905.

Michael went to Chicago to find work in 1930. He met Emma there who was only 18 years old. They married without thoughts. And in 1932 I was born. I am Robert Smith. It’s already 1950. My life is very bright. I study in Oxford in Britain. My parents are proud of me. Probably, you have a question:” How do I know all this?”. Well, we have a heirloom. It is a book about our family which Vern Arron began to write. This book handed down from generation to generation. And I can know so about my family! I am proud of who I am. And everyone has to be proud of who they are!

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