So,today was my second day! First of all,we had 2 classes of history. There were 110 people from two different faculties. Not all had enough place and our boys brought shops. The subject of our class was very obstruct. But our teacher explained it normally. I and my friends went to get coffee after the first class,because all want to sleep.We heard the second class of history and we went to cafeteria for lunch. I bought crab salad and juice. It was very delicious,but expensive; I spent 117 Rubels. And then my first English class was waiting for me! I worried a little bit,but it was in vain. Our teacher is great. We got acquainted and began to play a game. We had to tell two truthful things and one lie. Everyone spoke with three different people and asked three question from five other questions. For example:

  • What are the three things you couldn’t live without?
  • Who would you change lives with, for a day, if you could?
  • What is your favorite weather?
  • What annoys you about your hometown?
  • What object would rescue,if your house was on fire?

Almost all of us lied about weather. As for me I lied about three things:”I couldn’t live without seafood,music and money”. Of course, I like seafood,but my friends know that I like all food. It was very interesting and cheerful. And after this class everyone may go home.

Well,thank you everyone for this day!

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