Hello our Pawesome friends!

November is here and two years have passed since the world discovered CryptoKitties. More than 1700000 cryptokitties have been born and 70 types of Fancies have appeared.

Cryptokitties are the main characters in the KotoWars game. They rule the gangs and brawl on the battlefield. Trained in special skills, cryptokitties are having fun using different abilities. They charm opponents, throw bottles with a toxin, hypnotize enemies, shoot arrows and use many other skills.

KotoWars PvE Stitches Invasion Campaign just launched 22nd season. …

Hello our pawesome friends!

KotoWars is a game where users can play with their cryptokitties. In this article we want to describe how players can use their kittens in Kotowars and participate in bi-weekly seasons.

Since the beginning, we wished to make a series of games where players could interact with each other with their cryptokitties. We wanted to give to kitties’ owners the opportunity to boast their collection, as well as to add other ways to express themselves with the help of their cats.

We designed a game where any, even the cheapest cryptokitty would be a useful unit…

Hello our Pawesome friends!

This is the latest news from the KotoWars development!
We started the first season at the beginning of the year and it is awesome it is already the middle of June and the 12th season begun yesterday!

KotoWars Rankings

During these six months we have come a long way from the cryptokitties-fighters with a single Healer and PVE campaign Stitches Invasion to nine different specialists, the basis of the magical system and The Arena. The Arena is a place where two cryptokitties’ owners can interact with each other.

We have awarded more than 100 cryptokitties and distributed more…

Hello our Pawesome friends!

Every other week we write about the new KotoWars’ features in the new seasons.
It is a short post about the current development of KotoWars. We are moving step-by-step and consistently adding new content.

As you could read in our latest post, now we are working on two major things: redesign of the interface and multiplayer. The redesign is in progress, but we added the first version of multiplayer mode in KotoWars. For now, two players can join the game and interact with each other via fighting with their kitties.

Multiplayer rooms

Season 8: Arena

Arena is a place where two…

Hello our Pawesome friends!

April is here, the Sun is shining and trees are turning green. Already more than 1,500,000 cryptokitties meet the spring with us. They wink at you from the page and hint that they are ready to play games!

This is a biweekly post of the new KotoWars season.
We added new animations, fixed some UI limitations and corrected formulas and probabilities in Stitches Invasion.

Season 7: Anticipation

Now the KotoWars Team is working on two major things: redesigning interface and multiplayer.
The current interface is the initial sketch of the future game. It allows players to choose cryptokittens, search for…

CryptoKitties gathered so beautiful and exciting fellowship! The game aura is affecting the community and many players are helping others morally and financially. They care about each other and comfort those in troubles. You can find people of all professions and statuses in the community.

Some developers also want to be a part of the CryptoKitties and tie the infrastructure of their projects with the brand. They develop services and sites to enrich CK ecosystem. More people want to create games where you can play with your cryptokitties.

We are in KotoWars couldn’t pass by and decided to help new…

Hello our pawesome friends!

March is here and we are full of the joys of spring! It ’s time for the Season 5 and it means we have been supporting KotoWars alpha seasons for two months!

This time we implemented a progression system, did a lot of server-side improvements and we fixed many annoying issues in the game client. Special thanks to players who reported those flaws.

Specialists search

One of these issues is the search for player’s specialists within the wallet. …

Hello our pawesome friends!

This post was published separately from the start of the new season, but we cannot leave our changes without a description.
We want to say that the duration of the seasons now doesn’t depend on the blog posts on the medium and is always two weeks.

You can always follow the deadlines, awards and leaderboard updates in our discord or twitter.

Season 4: Love & Rage

The season brings the new specialist — Charmer, who helps kitties to find their love.


Enemies betray their champions for this kitty

Allyouneed is Flapflap! The remaining magic from February, 14th will help players…

Hello our pawesome friends

A month has passed since the start of KotoWars Alpha.

During these four weeks, we received dozens of registrations, concluded two seasons, introduced specialists and hints to future elements of gameplay and distributed KATs and cryptokitties among the winners. You can see the list of champions and their awards at the leaderboard page.

This month was also very productive in aspects which are not very visible from the outside: we’ve made the basis for the future Kotowars multiplayer engine and structured the concepts of the progression system for players and their champions. …

Hello Purriors

Two weeks have passed since the start of the first season. During this time several people have played KotoWars Alpha and we kept working on the game and the results seem very promising. It is possible that we will be able to please you with the multiplayer mode in February giving you the opportunity to challenge not only the Stitches but also your friends (or enemies!).

As we promised, our Alpha is a constantly updating demo that divided into seasons. And we want to report that Season 1: Heal is coming to an end. We will summarize the results a…


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