So what about Watch?

Three years under secret development and long rumoured Apple Watch will go on sale in April. Love it or hate it, smart watches are here to stay. Below i tried to address most common questions and misunderstandings that I stumbled upon the internet.

"I dont like the design"

First of all design is not just how something looks, but also how it works and feels like, it's the whole experience. Just a few people actually had a chance to briefly experience working Apple Watch on their wrists and we have to wait for device availability later in April.

For what I've seen I definitely don't dislike it. It looks like watch to me and I think this is what designers tried to achieve — make the hardware design as neutral as possible and allow personalisation through different watch faces and straps (there will be more than plenty options for both from the beginning). But again, I have to try it first myself before I can form my opinion.

"I don't see any use for it. My phone already does all those things that the watch does"

I think it's not about functionality (e.g. messaging, answering call, etc) it's about time. 15 years ago we happily performed all the tasks on a desktop computer and it was alright. Then, notebooks became affordable and users started to use those more and more instead. Notebook, despite being less powerful, was able to perform exactly same tasks as desktop computer did, but the deal-breaker was that it's portable, so you could take one with you and use it basically anywhere.

Then modern smartphones and tablets came along. And we started to use those more and more. When I got iPad 2, I kept using my laptop only for work purposes, while many other things (browsing, social media, music and movies) I did on my phone and tablet.

Look around you — you'll find people staring at their phones non-stop. And this is not necesserily a bad thing. Our world is changing fast (and pace is increasing) and we just feel need to keep hand on a puls of what's going on around us. We could still use our laptops to do that, but it's not just as convinient as taking a phone out of your pocket. And it is again — the deal breaker.

I think people will find a use for Apple Watch (and other smart watches) if they will feel that it lets them do things they normally do with their phone, but quicker and with more convenience.

"Who's gonna buy this insane 17 000$ golden watch? For real?!"

My twitter was flooded with these kind of questions. Many blog posts (like this one) tried to find reasons why people would never buy 17 000$ smart watch. Here are top 3 (most sane once) :

  • 10 000$ gold Rolex will still be 10 000$ Rolex even after 20 years. Smart watch on the other hand, will become obsolete within 2 years.
  • Hardware and software are identical for both least expensive and most expensive model. So what's the point?
  • There so many things one could buy with 17 000$

There is actually one answer to all these questions.

GOLDEN watch from APPLE in LIMITED quantity

If nothing has trembled inside you after you read the line above, it's ok, I don't care about things like that either. BUT, there are certain people (especially from Middle East, Asia and Russia) that would buy it in instance. Without questions like "So what it can do?" or "What battery life it has?".

Even if Apple would make it 100 000$ instead of 17 000$, these people would buy it anyway! They don't care about notifications or one-day battery life, OS updates or how much it's going to cost in two years. Have you heard about golden/titanium Putin iPhone? There is demand for this kind of things and Apple evidently decided to fulfill it with it's luxury offer.

Ok, so how about other people. Will it ever make sense for them to buy the Edition version of the Watch?

Well, let's just assume that golden Apple Watch will be a flop and Apple will decide to discontinue it's production after all. In this case there will be a

LIMITED number of GOLDEN smartwatch from APPLE that YOU CAN NOT BUY ANYMORE

I just can't imagine how much this could cost in a few years, keeping in mind that other (older) Apple products are often being sold at much higher price than they originally were bought.

People even sell empty boxes from Apple's products on eBay and Amazon! There is like the whole market out there!

Is it worth buying after all?

First. The quality of watch (all the models) it's stunning. All the details have been carefully thought through. Just go to Apple's website, browse through some renders and videos of the watch and see for your self. For this quality, I think, the price tag is more than adequate.

Second. No matter what, it's still an Apple product, meaning support, software updates, and relevancy for at least 3–5 years (I still use my iPad 2 with latest iOS 8.2, which is 4 years old now). Considering that battery will be replaceable (at service center) it will be possible to keep using it even longer.

Third. Smart watches are here to stay. Pebble is launching it's new smart watch, breaking records on Kickstarter, Google (and it's hardware partners) is slowly improving it's Android Wear platform. So it'd be interesting to be of the first to experience this amazing new technologies.

So, is it worth it? Well I believe one should try it first (when it becomes available) and make their own mind about it.

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