Nowadays, lots of people, be it students, university students (including me), a person who wants to change his career or just as a hobby, start to learn Web Development. They start to learn the basics, for example HTML and CSS by watching videos, following some tutorials or even by a book, but after few weeks of learning, when they want to get their hands dirty to code, they feel lost, they can’t make a simple website and they feel frustrated. Some even have the intention to quit after this. 😕

The thing is, you can not only rely on a…

Web Development and Programming in general is hard, but millions of people learn to code everyday. The salary is high, lot of companies and startups want different kind of developers for their businesses, be it Front-End, Back-End, QA, Full-Stack or even AI specialists which means the demand for this profession is high.

I’m a Tech, Android and Computers enthusiast for over 5 years, so I spend lot of time reading and checking many articles, tutorials and even videos about the latest Tech news, new applications and games, smart devices, you name it…

As months and years passes, I become closer…

Kourken Kasbarian

Front-End Web Developer, I love building #websites, learning new technologies and sometimes writing a blog article. Reach out to me at

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