Why I enrolled in Udacity Self-Driving Car Classes

When I first heard about the new Udacity program to learn about self-driving cars, I didn’t think twice and immediately enrolled.

I’m currently in a very different industry than tech and automotive (I’m actually in the oil & gas industry). However I’ve always tried to apply latest innovations to assist me in my daily activities. This has helped me in automating the “boring tasks” to let me focus on more fun challenges, leading to new creative solutions.

With this class, I hope to not only learn technologies that will decrease incidents due to human errors, unexpected hazards (pot holes, objects on road, etc), drunk driving, road rage, mechanical issues… but also to be able to find applications that have not been explored or even thought of yet. The possibilities are endless and we’re just at the early beginning of a new technology revolution. We need to use technology to let people spend more time on their interests.

Finally, even if I end up not using what I am going to learn (which is very unlikely), I will have spent some of my spare time learning about exciting things! Isn’t that what a hobby is?