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You will never get where you want to be by doing things occasionally or when you feel like doing them. You must be consistent.

Small daily improvements are the key to staggering long-term results.

Without a doubt, consistency is the most important aspect of success and forward progress.

The current population of the world is around 7.600.000.000.

Take a moment and think about that.

What is the probability of you being the smartest, most talented and sexiest human alive?

Not much I guess.

That feels bad. The good thing is, you can outwork anyone.

You can easily outwork every single person in this planet if you commit yourself to do whatever it takes to be…

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“The only thing that will redeem mankind is cooperation.” Bertrand Russel

How do you emphasize the importance of cooperation to the people you work with?

Hey guys, let’s go do…umm… work harder and if you good enough you will win a badge at the end of the year, and…like….we are much stronger together than alone. Yeah, that’s it!

If you someone like this, please do humanity a favor and shoot yourself to the moon and think about your life.

My motivation to do something after such talk is like going for a long walk after a leg day. …

And the point of no return.

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Self-improvement is attractive because it says, you can have a significant quality change in your life, business, and relationships in no time.

Learn something new and see the results coming fast feels great.

It is also deceptive.

Whatever new skill you learn, you may think it’s easy to achieve without going through a painful working and development progress.

It is the „how to be rich quick and easy” belief that hold forth on the masses. Wealth without hard work.

At the first blush you might pull that off — reading two books, am done…

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I love my job, it’s pretty awesome except for one thing. That dick “Steve” doesn’t do his job.

He gets to work every single day late, pretend to be busy for a couple of hours and then eats his disgusting lunch.

After lunch, he does some minor work, which takes the whole afternoon, then leaves at 5 pm. It’s pretty annoying how easily he gets off after wasting so much time.

Oh, and btw, when he supposed to be working, he’s taking long coffee breaks or watching YouTube or screwing on Facebook.

But one thing I don’t understand, why the…

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Real talents are lurking inside every company.

A recent study, based on the answers of 10.000 employees, shows that 11% of the workforce identified as key-experts.

Who are these people?

They are substantial, their knowledge is acclaimed by everyone. They are the “Force” of your company. Without them, it would fall into pieces.

The study says that 61% of the co-workers rely on the knowledge of these experts. This also indicates the essential presence of them.

What happens when this 11% go retirement? Leaving the company? Stay on sick leave for weeks because of a zombie outbreak?

Your company will…

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Imagine the awkward situation when you and your spause start a fight over who will feed your baby.

Most conflicts rise from the unclear roles and responsibilities of human relationships. It doesn’t matter if we talk about you and your boss, or to ask your kids to clean up their room, feed the dog, take out the trash.

Unclarified expectations are the cause of misunderstandings, disappointments and trust issues.

There are tons of untold desires in our life.

For example, I’ve never told my mum I don’t like chestnut cookies while she was making it all the time. But still…

If Freud can do it so can you

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Six out of ten relationships are having trust issues.

So, if you are not living in a cave, you probably feel that.

Regardless it’s a personal or a professional relationship, the signs are similar.

Defensiveness, sarcastic comments, broken agreements and the lack of appreciation. The list could go on.

I hate to see when people give up valuable relationships without trying to fix it.

Do you believe if something is broken and you fix it, it’s never gonna be the same again?

I don’t.

In fact, sometimes it can be a lot…

People need freedom and safety, not bean bags, even if they say they need bean bags.

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Earlier this month I had a workshop with one of our teams to map out the pain points of their project. This involves open discussions and brainstorming sessions, which I like the most.

The only problem is not everyone feels the same way to talk openly about the issues they aware. The truth is, these untold problems could possibly jeopardize the success of a project. Although, I am sure that is not their intention, so I started to research.

The reasons of this are…

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Steve is an amazing engineer, so he got promoted to be a manager because of his technical skills. He was a rockstar performer as an individual contributor. No one wondered at the company why he was bolstered to get that fancy position.

What an exciting future is waiting for him!

A few months later Steve was drowning. He was a mess at work, struggled with every task, putting out fires all day long, even when he knew this is not the solution to his headaches.

He wasn’t even liked by his team or trusted. Steve was miserable. He made a…

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Organizations are struggling to identify their high-potential employees and a recent study shows, only 24% of the leadership development programs considered to be a success. If we desire leaders we would love to follow, give our sweat and tears, triumph in battle, then we shall become one.

Taking that step is paralyzing and leaves us in a struggle. We need to stop teetering and get into action.

Let’s face it, the discussions about leadership are vague and full of cliche. We talk about extraordinary leaders, devoted managers, awesome CEOs, but what does that mean anyway?

Here’s a specific definition from…

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Dreamer, Speaker, Doer — Committed to inspire and empower others, addicted to never-ending learning. Oh! Btw I love to question everything and try crazy stuff.

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