Minute/Year: technical details

Minute/Year runs on a Raspberry Pi computer, which is connected to a Xenyx Q802USB mixer, a pair of Behringer C-2 microphones, and a Sony home stereo amplifier with two speakers. The room in which it runs has a volume of ca. 165 cubic meters of resonant space. The process of running the daily minute occurs every day at 20:16, and the code that runs is mostly written in Python and Shellscript. This code makes API calls to SoundCloud to upload the day’s audio and image, and then posts the resulting SoundCloud link to Twitter, Tumblr, Telegram, and the daily archive on the Kovács/O’Doherty website. This implementation has been developed in technical collaboration with Kris Slyka, whose invaluable help and advice has been central to Minute/Year’s existence and functionality.