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Email support is one of the most basic things almost any webservice need. It should work, be reliable and doesn’t cost a ton of money. In this comparison I take a look at the 5 most popular providers and what services they offer.

Please notice that this guide focuses on transactional and regular marketing emails you send directly from your service, like password reset emails. …

About 3 weeks ago my good old DevLorem project was a simple PHP website that generated Lorem Ipsum text made from movie quotes of famous actors and actresses. I decided to rewrite the whole thing with Go to dive into the language and its features.

Yesterday I released version 2, the complete rewrite with many more features. A demo of the website and API is available on

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Using Go to develop a feature-rich application

The main idea was to have one single binary that could be used as a web server handling the website, as well as a CLI tool to generate quotes right in the terminal. The first steps of getting a simple website up and running with Go were fairly straight forward. I used the gorilla/mux package, which provides a set of tools to run a HTTP web server. …

Just three weeks ago I decided to move all my static websites from my own server to a hosting server and went with Netlify. I made the switch in a couple of hours and now all those sites are running within the free plan of Netlify. I am quite impressed by the simplicity of the service.

Last week I found that Vercel (formerly Zeit) offers a very similar service to Netlify. Free hosting of static sites and SPAs with some minor restrictions. Out of curiosity I decided to compare both in terms of service quality and hosting.

Please notice that this is a comparison of the services based on their free plan which targets small sites and hobby projects. …


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