The Myth of Human Decency

Human Decency, in some environments, is a myth.

It is believed in, spouted about far too commonly, but displayed very little.

Politics, where profit is god, where the poor, the weak, and leaches, cowards, not worth giving our god given money too.

Social Media, where any accusation of injustice, inequality, misogyny, draws such brutal, horrific responses that make any person of heart recoil.

There have been studies of young children showing we are instinctively attracted to kindness, want to be around kindness, which fits into the self belief we need in humanity.

From the nostalgia for simpler times (Which of course ignores all the hidden/ignored violence of those eras) to the media of my childhood, where good almost always prevails, where evil is defeated, where even if the hero dies, he dies knowing it was worthwhile.

(And don’t get me started on it only being a male saving the day, read any decent World War II history and you will find such brave amazing women who could make great film subjects)

But our world isn’t like that.

We like to think it is, we need to think it is.

Do you think if everyone was confronted with the true toll of everyday like they would be able to get through the day?

Women are being abused and killed by their closest loves and family.

Children and being abused and used in horrific circumstances

Men and women, minorities due to the colour of their skin or ethnic origin, are being treated as less than someone else, while sharing the same genome.

(Ask the common cold, flu or Ebola if it cares about skin colour of ethnicity. We get a good air borne bird flu pandemic, you’ll find out the truth about your so called “Superior Race” garbage)

Our modern myths of film and television have instilled in us that Decency is common, is everywhere, is part of our culture. It what keeps many oblivious to the pain and suffering of the world. Our society’s basic function is that everything is normal, we go about our daily lives in the belief that our world is inherently safe and secure, we go to work, plan our weekends, our holidays, our futures, our careers, our retirements, safe in the knowledge that it will work out.

But that is part of the myth.

Cezanne is quoted as saying “We live in a rainbow of chaos”

Of course there are two sides to that coin.

I love the beautiful chaos of a multitude of voices, ideas and points of view across the planet, a symphony of meaning, bringing innovation and aspiration to the world.

But the dark chaos, the violence, the inequality, the greed, the desperation, the abuse, it lives and breathes in this world like you and I.

To argue for decency is often these days a revolutionary act.

To feed and care for the poor

To take in and accept the refugee

To respect women

To protect, care and support those who need it, be it for a day, a year, their entire lives.

If Trillions of dollars of wealth kept in the high enclaves of the financial world indicate anything it isn't a question of money, just what is being done with it.

Human Decency is a myth many of us believe in, many of us try to live our lives to, but it isn't a global fact.

But it could be.