Further into the future…

The snow fell in the most peaceful way, its beauty INSPIRING me to go outside. I opened the door to my less than small SUBURBAN house and took a step, the snow crunching under my boot. I started walking to nowhere in particular, enjoying the BRIEF beauty of winter.

The further I went the more I enjoyed the blissful experience of winter. Everything about it was wonderful. The MOLECULE sized snowflakes, the way your breath turns into a delicate fog, and how the sudden rush of cold air in your nose makes you want to sneeze. The PERCEPTION of it is all amazing. I couldn’t imagine those that live without a snowy winter.

In the middle of my walk, I noticed another sound besides the clinking of the PLASTIC aglets on my boots. It sounded like footsteps, almost too faint to hear. I started to walk faster, hoping whoever was behind me would just go away. The steps followed, now slamming against the pavement of the newly paved streets. Faster, faster, faster.

The world around me started to blur as I ran for my life. “What if it’s nothing?” I thought. As I ran, I caught a glimpse of the POLICE station. What would they do if it was no one, what if it was someone? Even if there was someone behind me what would their crime be? Is it ILLEGAL to scare people to death? I got closer and closer to the police station; my heartbeat was now in my ears. I looked at the pile of snow beside me as I ran. I was looking for a shadow to prove someone was there. The thing was, there was no one there; there wasn’t a shadow. Then, almost like it was by command, the footsteps stopped. I steadied my pace and finally looked behind me. Nothing.

After going home, I shut my door tight and collapsed on my bed, still panting from my run. Nothing, I couldn’t believe it was nothing. It was just ILLOGICAL. The whole experience was just too real. Then, all of a sudden I heard a voice. It was like a SPIRIT’S breathless wispy voice whispered in my ear.

“Look again.”

“No matter what anyone says or does to you, Cindy, don’t change who you are.”

These were the last words my INCURABLE sister ever said to me. Little did she know, it’s hard not to change who you are when you’re going crazy.

All of my life I’ve noticed the little things, the INSIDIOUS movements of the things around me. You have probably seen them too. Have you ever felt like someone was right behind you, turn around and no one is there? Or ever saw something in the corner of your eye? It’s always nothing… nothing… No matter how many times I tell myself that, it’s never just nothing. Its hard to believe its nothing when strange things keep happening. Many say my stories are crazy and absolutely RIDICULOUS, but to me they are clues to solve a big mystery.

A Strange Adventure

When I was growing up, everything was normal. I was a happy kid living with my loving parents and my older sister Molly. When I was about ten years old, my parents found an uncontrollable amount of mold on our walls. Therefore, we had to move temporarily into an apartment that was DIRECTLY east of where our house was. Although it was only twenty minutes away, the car ride felt like hours dragging on in the freezing car. “What color will my room be? What about my bed? Do I have to share with Molly?” I asked all of these irrelevant questions, but my mom just nodded and went back to looking at her ANDROID.

“You’ll see when you get there honey” My dad replied. I crossed my arms and waited.We finally arrived at the apartment building, and a wave of excitement went through me just like any other ten years old. My sister and I ran into the building and straight into the elevator. “9th floor, room 107!” My mother yelled, already expecting this to happen. When Molly and I got on the elevator, the first thing we did was pushed all of the buttons to see who could push more. After the pointless competition, we waited. Vvvvrrrrr…. DING! VVVVVVVVRRRRRRR……… DING! All of a sudden, I could feel the most SENSITIVE hairs on the back of my neck stick out. I felt like a classic black cat on Halloween. “Floor 7 almost there. What was the room number again?” Molly asked, and I snapped back into focus.

“One hundred” I responded.

“INCORRECT” she yelled.

Later on, as we adjusted to our new temperate home, we gobbled down some mac and cheese and went through the TORTURE of mom’s soap operas. Molly and I tried to sneak away to investigate the new building but, dad caught us and made us go to bed with a promise that tomorrow is the day for adventuring. Molly and I laid only on our mattresses because we didn’t have time to build up our beds. It was scary to be in a new place, but the fact that my sister was right beside me made me feel SECURE.

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