What is Search Engine Optimization?

  • Search Engine Optimization(SEO) is process of getting traffic from free,organic,natural and editorial search result on search engines.In simple words making your website appear in top of any search engine result page for particular search string(keyword).
  • After reading this You may think what is this organic result?

“Without paying search engine if your web page appearing in search engine result page,for a particular keyword is known as organic result page.”

  • Even as a new bee of SEO world i am going to let you know what i learnt.

Lets start from scratch
What is free or organic search result?

  • Listing of web pages returned by search engine algorithm that closely match the search string of keyword.
  • Marketers use SEO and content assets to get high search engine rankings.

Note:Some of search engines are google,yahoo,bing,yandex and so on.

  • If you want to optimize your blog or webpage then there is to ways.

1.On page optimization

2.Off page optimization


  • On page optimization is process of making our web page relevant and unique.It refers to both content and HTML source code of a page that can be optimized.
  • Some of on page optimization techniques are

1.Page title

2.Meta tags

3.Url structure

4.Header tags(h1 to h6)

5.Keyword optimization

6.Image & alt tag optimization

7.Internal linking

Page title:

  • Page titles are one of the most important factor of on page optimization.Each page title should be unique and relevant to the the content of page.
  • For example if the web page is about a product description or definition of term then your should contain that product name or term.

Meta tags:

  • Meta tags are snippets explain what the web page is about.Some of meta tag attributes are description,keyword,robots,copy right,content type,etc.Mainly robots,keyword and descriptions tags r used for on page optimization.
  • I am writing meta tags manually for all my pages if you have 0% knowledge in html then use some plugins like SEO BOOK,ALL IN ONE SEO PACK .But try to follow your own method.

Url structure:

  • Url’s should be simple and search engine friendly.So user can remember easily.
  • Use hyphens to separate words when necessary for readability. They should not use underscores, spaces, or any other characters to separate words.
  • Over use of hyphens in URLs can be seen as spammy, so it’s best to use caution and limit hyphen use in URLs when possible.
  • Never be longer than 2,048 characters; otherwise Internet Explorer won’t be able to load the page.
  • Avoid the use of parameters, if possible. If parameters need to be used, they should be limited to two or less.

Header tags(h1 to h6):

  • When writing your blog or article try to use small sentences instead of large paragraph.And use heading tags(h1,h2,…,h6) properly so search engines and people both can understand.
  • In this h1 is high priority tag and h6 is least priority heading tag.Use keyword rich heading tags instead of generic one.

Keyword optimization:

  • Keyword optimization is process of updating relevant keywords of that webpage.But don’t over optimize also.
  • There is no limitation for keywords but writing lot of keywords make your website get banned from google.Because writing lot of keywords comes under keyword stuffing.

Note:Don’t worry about keyword stuffing i will explain it through my another post.

Image tag and alt text optimization

  • Image tag optimization is not just reducing file size of image tag but also keeping all image files under one main folder.We have to choose image file type based on their quality,file size and loading time.So before uploading a image file which is better among JPEG,PNG,GIF.
  • Alt text is a small sentence that tells ,what is the image is about?.When there is no picture displayed due to some problem then alt text will be displayed to make user understand.
  • Example
<img src="baby_laughing.jpg" alt="Baby laughing" />

Internal linking

  • Internal links are hyper link or anchor text links that go from one page to another page in same domain.Try to optimize those internal links so page architecture of domain can be explained properly.
  • Try to maintain a link architecture where crawlers(google bot),web spiders can read the path way of links.


  • The things that will you do out of web page to make your website appear higher in search engine result page is known as off page optimization.
  • When i checked for my reference lot off difference between one author to another.So i am just going to explain what i learnt.Surely some mistakes will be there ,please do correct if u know them better.
  • Some of the off page techniques are

Social Networking site engagement
Bookmarking sites
Forum posting
Article submission
Infographics submission
Guest posting
Broken link building
Question and Answer
Video submission
Image Submission
Document sharing

Social Networking site engagement

  • Create community in social networking sites and maintain them.Otherwise add your business or blog in relevant communities of social network sites such as twitter,Facebook,LinkedIn,pinterest,google plus,Myspace,ecademy ,etc.
  • Online reputation management is maintaining quality and good feedback about your webpage.


  • Write blogs about your service and some useful guidance about your products. And register your blog in directory submission sites such as Technorati,elecdir.
  • Choose an effective directory and select proper category.Blogging about your product or service in niche market will bring lots of traffic to your site.

Bookmarking sites

  • Register in some popular social bookmarking sites like,stumble upon,Digg,Slashdot,Technorati.
  • Social book marking one of the best platform to promote your web site.

Forum posting

  • Forums are communities in which they have common interest,passion and willingness to know and write information about certain topic.
  • The topic submitted for discussion is known as thread.All we have to do is finding relevant thread and start posting your comments.
  • Some of forum submission sites are Flickr,AddThis,bbpress,career builder,chronicle.

Article submission

  • Article submission is writing article that are relevant to your online business or blog then submitting those articles in article submission directory.
  • It will attract large number of viewers so traffic of our business web page will increase.
  • Write article which are informational and content rich and focus on keyword richness but don’t stuff keywords.
  • Some of famous article submission sites are freelibrary,magportal,ezinarticles,hubpages and brighthub.

Infographics submission

  • Infographics are simply a graphical representation of information.An infographic is a visual such as graph or diagram that represent complex data. Infographic make audience understand complex data in a easy way.
  • Some of the infographic submission done by registration or payment.And we have to know where they are follow or no follow links.Even though they are nofollow ,able to bring lot of traffic.
  • Some of infographic submission sites are

Guest posting

  • Guest posting writing blog about others blog .There is two way of guest posting 1.Guest posting for your own blog , 2.Guest posting for other blog.
  • To write guest post you should have quality content and some better idea about the topic.
  • Steps in guest posting are

@Determine your guest post domain


@Do some Qualitative analysis

@Do a Page rank analysis

@Traffic analysis

@Determine its Activity status

@Check its Member count

@Approach the blogs

Broken link building

  • Broken links are dead link or links that are not in active.By identifying your niche broken links you can replace them with your working page.
  • Tools to find broken links are Domain Hunter Plus,Ahrefs Site Explorer,Check My Links,Screaming Frog ,Broken Link Builder and Xenu Link Sleuth.

Question and Answer

  • Ask question about your product and answer them by thinking in audience point of view.And register in high PA,PR and DA sites and submit your questions and answers.This will bring traffic to your site.
  • Some of Question and Answer Websites are,,quora,blurtit and ehow.

Video submission

  • Video submission is another off page seo trent which is popular.Create some videos that are related to your web page and submit it to some video directories.
  • Some of Video sharing sites are YouTube,vimeo,,,hulu,Metacafe,break and daily motion.

Image Submission

  • Submit your company logo image or your photo in popular image sites.Before submitting optimize and update appropriate alt tag.And add title and description tags to them.
  • Some of image submission sites are Flickr,Instagram,,tumblr,viantart,imgur,mediafire,shutterfly and fotolog.

Document sharing

  • Document sharing is creating quality content rich PPT, PTF,word document and case studies files then submitting them in various document sharing websites.
  • Some of document sharing websites are,slideshare,scribd,calameo,free.yudu,authorstream and crocodoc.

NOTE:I hope this post will help if u are new to SEO world as me.All the best:)

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