Devatatma Himalay — Probodhkumar Sanyal । English Translations

About fifteen hundred years are over.
Descending from throne, Emperor Harshavardhan accosted great Hiuen Tsang, Oh the Noblest amongst Believers..! Before you leave, our Bharatvarsha pleads for your blessings.

Hiuen Tsang replied with a bow, “Your Majesty! I also plead for the blessings of this holy meditating land. This land seems to be heaven. Standing there, in the Brahmapura, I have often visited an earthly paradise.”

Brahmapura achieved the first chants of Aryan civilization. For thousand times, centuries after centuries, sages, yogis, monks, travelers and explorers passed through these valleys. Somewhere in this difficult-to-pass edge of Himalayas, in some beautiful forest surrounded by streams, Maharshi Vedvyas composed the Kedarkhanda. Other Puranas also mentioned Brahmapura as paradise. Poet Kalidas called Brahmapura a dreamland. Entire Mahabharata epic was written in this Brahmapura. During the glorious period of Mauryan Dynasty, during the historical reigns of Emperor Ashoka and Samudragupta, Brahmapura was an abode of sages’ austerities, a place of joy and peace. Arriving down from the Gomukhi glacier, holy Ganges flowed through. Mandakini came from Brahmalok. From Devlok, came Alalananda. The lower sun-shining step was named Brahmalok. And far from the mankind, where the uncrossable Shivlinga Range stepped his first was named Devlok, the alley of Gods. And the final step where Bhagirathi landed with her eternal joyful waves was named Tapolok. Beneath Tapolok, where the Himalayan foothills stretched across golden horizon, the level that was forested — where the Ganga extended — was named Martyalok, the uninhabited green plain for men-monkeys, animals, insects. This level had another name ‘Gangavataran’- ’cause Mother Ganges landed there. She came to bring up Aryavarta. Trivubanatarini taralatarange..!

At the foot of Shivling mountains my young age raised eyelids. Thirty-two years ago on that day I first touched the foothills of Himalayas. But the ancient name ‘Brahmapura’ belongs no more, it has a local name — Garhwal. Only four hundred years ago, King Ajayapal gathered army in fifty-two forts and named it Garhbal- the fortman. I opened my eyes that day, but did not see anything. I discovered the new, the bizarre, the best of India, so the vision was still, focused. I just saw the blue stream writing mild mystics ; and then in a mountain cave it lost forever. My mind was not in a trance that day, so the hungry spirit just returned searching food in lonesome path of taste and perception. Even so, it grew too thirsty to seek itself.

Then countless times I walked to the edges of Brahmapura, at the foothills of Garhwal, on the banks of blue streams, in its forest, in the mountain caves, through its beautiful spring shower, on the rough shores of its insane rivers. The solitary afternoon thoughts, the deep morning solitude beseeched me with their signature upon narrow glens and divine temples, in forests and gorges. Today their history can no longer be remembered. But there I always wanted to see what was invisible, wanted to imagine what was unimaginable, wanted to know what did not exist within the parameters of knowledge. I used to meditate alone, used to look behind large slippery rocks and cores ; I used to get afraid of sudden sounds without any reason. My body trembled. Perhaps there lived a terrible enormous python, or an undiscovered giant beast, or some immovable yogic sage, who became stone in his never-ending meditation. My heart cried out. My whole life cried out. But I walked again. The forgotten shadows followed me. In my existence, they felt their own philosophy. In my footsteps, they listened their own travelogue. They blessed me with all their eternity and then in my soul, got disappeared.

to be continued..


Devatatma Himalay | Probodh Sanyal
Himalayas — Philosophy — Translation

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Novelettes by Koyel

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