Knowing What To Do Is Not Enough

We are not the sum of our intentions. How many times did plan to do something but never got around to it? Plans are great, they are detailed proposals for doing or achieving something, but without action they are simply wasted effort.

As a child I grew up playing soccer. My entire family is Jamaican, so I guess you can say it was in my blood. Not to self-aggrandize, but I was pretty good, I made the U-14 All-star team at the age of 11 & to the surprise of not only the coaches, but the parents I became the starting right wing by the second game of the season. Before trying out I made a plan to play for the U-14 All-star team because I could do what I loved, travel, and have the best warm up gear too (this is when the pull apart pants that all of the NBA players wear now were at the height of their popularity, I still own a pair today)! I told myself no one would out work me, I studied player after player, modeled their moves, as best as an 11-year-old could, & carried my soccer ball everywhere I went. To the dismay of my mother and with the occasional chastising, I began running and timing myself everywhere I went, to the dinning room for dinner, to the car to grab groceries, even to the bathroom. My thought was I would be the fastest person on that field and anytime I touched the ball no one & I mean no one would be able to get it. That is a bold claim for an 11-year-old right? But that season I lead the team in goals & least amount of takeaways!

What I attribute to my young success is the same magic that I have brought to business so many years later, and it is alignment. Our lives are filled with contradictions & this is why we intend to do something, but never do. Once you remove those contradictions you make room to incorporate the new knowledge & habits that are in alignment with your goals.

Knowing Is The Easy Part, It Is Doing What You Know That Takes Work. — Koy McDermott

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