Chrome won against the browser war and why Firefox is a piece of crap

You thought Internet Explorer would win? Never, not in 2017. Chrome is the fastest, safest, more reliable and feature rich browser I can think of. Even Firefox seems to be bad and you can even put an .exe file into an extension and install malware on other people’s computers. Firefox wants to be, what Chrome is and they failed in every single step. So, let’s roll out the statistics here.

Browser statistics over the past 6 years

I guess, Firefox, Safari or IE aren’t made for 2017 and are still bad for using. I got a chromebook and seem pretty happy with it. Chrome is just for browsing and this was kept in mind. Firefox can do alot of things more than Chrome, but is really crappy slow and can’t handle my daily tasks. And Mozilla isn’t putting alot of effort into their software like they did years ago. They even abandoned Firefox OS, because other mobile OSses have a better market share. All those OEMs, who actually wanted Firefox OS to be the next mobile OS died out, because of Mozilla’s bad market strategy. That gave myself as an old Firefox user the tag to switch to Chrome and after their Chrome OS.

Google seemed creepy to me some years ago, but now they are awesome as hell. They even promote hipster stuff like animated turtle GIFs, properly alot of them and they seamlessly integrate into the ecosystem. Even better than Apple or Microsoft. That sounds like capitalsim, but there aren’t any good and open browsers. Even Mozilla seems for their promotion of “openness” very capitalistic to me.