First post: How to install Gajim with OMEMO in Fedora 23+?

Since OMEMO requires python-axolotl in Gajim, things can be a little bit confusing. Especially in Fedora installing this package could be a pain. Either you can’t install this package or Gajim just crashes after successful installation. There are several things you can do, when this isn’t working.


Almost every library and app needs dependencies. We can’t get around that, otherwise the libraries will not work or compile either. You can install these dependencies with the following command in a terminal.

sudo dnf install python-devel gcc automake python-pip python redhat-rpm-config

I know, these are a bunch of dependencies, but otherwise it won’t work. After we installed all this stuff, we now can install the python-axolotl package.

sudo pip install python-axolotl

This installs python-axolotl with more dependencies. After that, you shouldn’t start Gajim. This is a waste of time. Instead, you need to downgrade one package. It’s called protobuf and is needed in the version 2.6, so you type the following command into the terminal.

sudo pip install protobuf==2.6

After that python-axolotl should work now. Try opening Gajim and you are all set.

Hopefully this helps some people out there, who don’t know how to use OMEMO and we see us next time. Thanks for reading.