Last week the Russian Investigative Committee appealed to the Ministry of Health with the proposal to oblige medics to report about sexual activity of minors. According to Echo of Moscow radio, the information about the sexual life of adolescents is needed investigators to excite new criminal cases. Officials ignored medical confidentiality laws and opinion on this point adolescents and their parents.

This happens in Russia where bureaucracy killed common sense. Russian officials do not ask people permission to make certain decisions, they willingly promote laws and rules that govern lives of millions. Officials can easily prohibit selling beer in plastic bottles or to raise the minimum price for alcohol, as well as make toll roads or introduce a fee for travel abroad.

Because officials in every way ignore public opinion, the value of elections, referendums and polls catastrophically falls. In Russia, any election has a formal character and looks like bureaucratic procedure.

It is surprising to see In Russia that people in US vote on issues affecting their lives.

Last week American voters were electing more than a new president. The issues include legalization of the drug marijuana, gun control, health care and even the minimum wage. According the website Ballotpedia.com there was a total of 154 statewide measures on ballots in 35 states, affecting over 200 million people.

For example in California, voters decided to ban plastic bags — those used in many stores. They also voted against the requirements that men wear condoms in pornographic films.

The website Curbed.com says voters in 25 states were being asked to approve spending a total of $200 billion on transportation infrastructure, such as road improvements. Voters in Maine decided if they want their state to create a system of voting that requires one or more votes until the winner receives a majority of the ballots.

Just the opposite, no one in Russia can restrict bureaucrats, that’s why they are coming up more and more new initiatives. Now, on the eve of New Year, officials decided to raise the minimum price of the champagne — the main Russian drink during the holidays.

However, to ignore people’s opinion are very dangerous. In February of 1917, such policy led to the revolution and the overthrow of the Tsar Nicholas II. Centenary of this event will be soon.

Will be Russia saved at this time?