How to Draw Without Antialiasing on HTML5 Canvas

kozo yamagata
Feb 20 · 3 min read
draw by native api (this isn’t what I want)
draw on Pixilart (this isn’t what I want too because it shaped square)
draw by stamp (it’s not too bad)
this.context.drawImage(stampImage, Math.round(x), Math.round(y))
// float number is one of the several causes of antialiasing
function distanceBetween (point1, point2) {
return Math.sqrt(Math.pow(point2.x - point1.x, 2) + Math.pow(point2.y - point1.y, 2))
function angleBetween (point1, point2) {
return Math.atan2(point2.x - point1.x, point2.y - point1.y)
const dist = distanceBetween(beginPosition, destPosition)
const angle = angleBetween(beginPosition, destPosition)
for (let i = 0; i < dist; i += 5) {
const x = beginPosition.x + (Math.sin(angle) * i) - halfSizeOfBrush
const y = beginPosition.y + (Math.cos(angle) * i) - halfSizeOfBrush
this.context.drawImage(stampImage, Math.round(x), Math.round(y))

draw by stamp smoothly (this is what I wanted!)
make stamps dynamically

kozo yamagata

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東京でフリーランスのWebアプリケーションエンジニアをやっています。JavaScriptでリッチなUIを作るのが得意です。好きなものは音楽と料理とコーヒーです。I’m a web application engineer in tokyo.

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