The love triangle

Jo had had enough. She decided it was time to move on and went to the bar alone. She didn’t cared if she found a nice guy, a crackpot or someone who roofies her, she had to move on from Rick. The bar was, as always, filled with desperate people trying to impress each other without having an ounce of enjoyment. Jo never thought a day would come when she would be part of this crowd.

High school sweethearts, Jo and Rick were meant to be together.

That was of course not going to happen. Because God has a better plan for you child. Jo thought bitterly. Only two years of marriage and then, death did them apart. She was never religious but now, she hated God with all her might.

“Hello! What is a charming lady like you doing here without a drink?” A guy wearing a suit came in front of her with a drink in his hand. Jo looked at him up and down, threw up in her mouth a little and took the drink and gulped it down in one go.

“Whoa! Bad day?”

“You have no idea.”

“Let me get you another drink.”

The guy said and almost ran towards the counter. She knew that he saw an opportunity here and in her heart she knew that he was right. Tonight, she simply didn’t care. She had to move on.

Her mobile phone started to vibrate and looking at it, she saw Rick’s number. She silent it. He called again; she cut it off. The third time, she called — the bitch. Jo couldn’t stop herself.

“What more do you want?” Jo said angrily.

“I just want to know if you are fine. Rick is really worried.” Samantha said from the other side.

“Tell him that I am doing as he said me to do — move on.” Jo was almost screaming now. People around her were looking at her but she didn’t care. She saw the guy in the suit with the drink standing far away moving slowly towards the other side.

She simply didn’t care!

“Jo, please. You know death is a huge thing. It can tear relationships. You have to forgive him.” Samantha pleaded. She knew about Jo but never thought it would come to this. When Rick told Samantha about Jo, she felt a pang of jealousy that Rick would always love Jo. However, that had changed recently and now this. Samantha didn’t know what to do but tried to be calm, especially for Rick.

“Oh, I have forgiven him. Tell him that. He can die in peace knowing that after all the pain I went through, I have gone through this as well. You can have him all you want, you old hag. I don’t want a cheat.”

“Jo! He is not a cheat and you know it.” Samantha was also getting angry but she held her calm. “18 years have passed from that incident. He had to move on. So do you.”

“Yeah. And how well he moved on, I could see when I saw him.” Jo said shouting at the phone. The bar owner looked at her undecided to throw her out or serve her more alcohol. She was creating a ruckus and entertaining a lot of his customers.

“Rick is out there trying to find you. Please come with him. We will figure something out. Please!”

“He is trying to find me.” Jo said, her voice losing all anger. “But why did you let him out. He is not well.”

“I couldn’t stop him if I wanted Jo and you know that. Now, please tell me, where are you?”

“Tyke’s bar” Jo said.

“He will be there soon. Please come back.”

Within 10 minutes Rick was at the bar. Looking at him, Jo ran to him and kissed him.

The whole crowd cheered loudly.

“Go old man!” Someone said.

Rick didn’t react much but Jo knew that he was uncomfortable. She moved away and started to move out with him.

Outside, the guard looked at the two and winked at Rick.

“Unruly daughter, eh, sir.”

Rick laughed as Jo looked at the guard miffed.

“I still can’t believe that you came back.” Rick said to Jo.

“Our vows said ‘forever’, didn’t they.” Jo said putting her head on Rick’s shoulders.

“I feel I am back to 20 years ago. Walking with you, planning our wedding. A 19 year old, stupid teenager.” Rick said.

“Well, I am still 18.” Jo said and they both started laughing.