Nature, Nihilism, and Laziness

Obey the nature and have a discipline?

I guess the title is clickbaity enough.

How do people make awesome things? 10 habits of intelligent people? 5 ways to achieve discipline in your life? Aren’t we all tired of hearing this? Do these methods work? How would you go about doing something awesome? Still very confused about my thought process, but writing it down would hopefully align my thoughts. Everything said below is for selfish reasons and not to be considered as a serious advice.

Align yourself with nature. Otherwise, things do not work. We have to do a bounded thinking. There is an upper bound to our capability. The upper bound here is nature.

We certainly have to know our lower bound — knowing what we do not know. Then, probably we can define doing something awesome as reaching just above the midpoint.

So, with the bounds set, the only way to achieve this goal or target is by observation and implementing step by step as naturally as we can. i.e., you cannot become an expert in a subject overnight just as evolution does not happen overnight.

Some people can learn fast, some can learn slow. But the actual part is learning. There are no shortcuts. We wouldn’t have been here if there were shortcuts.

This is all I can write about being natural as of now. But, the other part of me highly debates this idea. It starts at setting nature as the upper bound. Why do we have to consider nature as the upper bound? If the bound is already defined, aren’t we just achieving other person’s (God, for instance) goal? If you do not work out regularly, you won’t stay fit. Why not, why can’t I stay fit by doing nothing? Well, it’s not natural. See.

Accepting that nature is the upper bound of everything is very hard. Instead, you can be lazy and say you don’t care. Or try nihilism. Everything is meaningless. Why do I have to create meaning by aligning myself with nature? If that is the only way to do awesome things, then probably everything is meaningless.

Another path is to not be binary. You will align yourself to nature as much as you can, but you still decline some parts. However, every part you decline is going to turn around and backfire. Forgot to wash dishes, boom here comes the stink. Nature just operates. No shortcuts, nothing. Would there be motivation in such cases to do work? I am not sure.

There is one final path that is very hard to define. You do something because you do. There is no goal, there is no endgame, no evaluation. You like doing it period. This is the sweet spot. The question is how do you convert each of your goals to something like this? If you cannot convert, are those even your goals? Hmmm.

I think what I want to question myself and probably ask everyone is “If you set a goal for yourself, how do you think you are going to achieve it?” If you take one single shortcut, there is no sense of satisfaction. If you do everything perfectly, you are just obeying the laws of nature. It’s not new. You just found it. You never created it.

The only way I can update the article is by achieving a goal that was never on my sweet spot — to stay fit. Let’s say I stick to a schedule. I wake up every day, have some quality food, work out, take care of my posture etc. etc., I can do it for a day or two but not more than that. Do I just like the idea of staying fit? Maybe, but I want to achieve fitness. It’s not in my sweet spot. How do I bring it there? The obvious answer is impossible, but is there a possibility? Let’s see.