As a startup founder, I urge the universe…

To give me more failure because success, quite frankly, is too boring.

Here’s 10 other reasons why I want to seek failure more than success.

1. SUCCESS tires you out. FAILURE keeps you hungry.
2. SUCCESS makes you think it’s over. FAILURE keeps you on the edge of your seat.
3. SUCCESS makes you act like you deserve it, FAILURE knows no body can dare take anything for granted.
4. SUCCESS lets you constantly find an excuse to breath some air, with FAILURE you know there is no stopping.
5. SUCCESS is attached to other people’s acknowledgement that you can do it, FAILURE is believing in your own inner voice that you can do it.
6. SUCCESS puts the spotlight on the glitter, in FAILURE the only thing that glistens is your grind.
7. SUCCESS gives you all the cheery applause and cake, FAILURE lets you see your own effort behind every mistake.
8. SUCCESS makes you think it’s about you, FAILURE keeps you grounded that it’s bigger than you.
9. SUCCESS makes you the target and is distracting, FAILURE makes you the abandoned and hence more disciplined.
10. SUCCESS is the shining medal around your neck, FAILURE is the scar on your unyielding chest.
Seek SUCCESS but be fearless about FAILURE because one reflects your public victory and the other is about moral victory.
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