You can go after the things you want if you lose the need to “choose” how.

Many of us have really big ambitions. We have our own version of The Summit.

But often times we find ourselves complaining how it “seems” almost impossible to get there because of where we are at in life right now.

That’s the tricky part. It doesn’t matter where you are today. What counts is how badly you really want to chase your dreams.

If you are willing to sacrifice “desperately fretting about HOW” you are going to get there, you will suddenly notice a sea of opportunities lying in front of you. You can pick any one of them and create your own path to The Summit.

There is no one right way. You should trust that your own unique way is the right way for your life story.

Be resourceful with what you have. Give your best to what’s at hand. Go all in on a seemingly non-fancy path and believe that you will eventually find a much more reliable route light up just for you.

Inspired by the incredible words of Simon Sinek in the below video:

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