How to Buy BUDBO on WhiteBIT Exchange

In order to buy BUBO tokens on WhieBit exchange, you can follow the given guidelines:

1- Go to and select BUBO/BTC pair for trade. The BUBO/BTC trading page will look like this:

2- Now you can scroll down and find the box for BUY .

If you want to buy 100 BUBO (for example) at random, you don’t want to change the price. If you want to buy for a lower price you can change price.

3- Type thenecessary details and press BUY button highlighted in green.

You can see your order under ‘My Orders’ below.

4- Once your order is processed you can check your BUBO balance by clicking on the ‘BALANCE’ menu on the top of the page. Select ‘SPOT’ after that. The page will open like this:

5- Type ‘BUBO’ in the search box. Now you can see your balance.

That is all about buying BUBO on WhiteBit exchange. Follow the above instruction, if you have BTC balance in your account. If you do not have BTC balance, you will have to deposit it to your BTC wallet in the exchange. Here are how to do that.

1- Type ‘BTC’ on the search box of the current page. The page will appear like this.

2- Click on ‘Deposit’. You can see a box which appears like this:

3- Cop the your BTC wallet address given under ‘Your deposit address’ and send BTC to that address from your personal BTC wallet. If you want you can scan the QR code of the address scanning by your personal wallet app.

You can check your BTC balance after a while.

You can utilise this balance for buying BUBO.

Thank you…

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