Day 4

Finally discovered a good hotel near my pg for having breakfast. According to me a good breakfast accompanied by a good chai sets the tone for the day.

On the office front, we had the monthly review meeting . I like the fact that these guys involve me in almost all the meetings possible. Get a lot to learn on several areas.

Anyways, the meeting lasted for more than two hours. Each department got equal opportunity to get their own word across. There were some issues which were still not resolved from the previous meeting. But there were a lot of positives as well.

On the work front, Khundmir seemed to like the work which i had done. Except for few parts which needed correction.

Finally, had my presentation to the account management team. They all seemed to like it.

Got some praise from Khundmir as well. This kinda made me complacent and i kinda screwed up on another work, given to me by my boss.

Have to work all night now to rectify the mistakes.

I feel i might be working tomorrow. There is a big pitch coming up on Monday. Everyone is excited about it. We might be able to strike gold , if we pull this one off.

And yeah met up with this guy…

And this chick as well

so that’s it folks, cheers