The New Era In WWE

Its an exciting time to be WWE fan. The new era has finally ushered in and the right men are in charge.

Two months back, if someone would have told me

Dean freak in Ambrose

that Dean Ambrose would be the wwe champion and the face of smackdown brand....and….

that Roman Reigns will be pinned thrice (cleanly),

including once by a debuting NXT Rookie, i would have probably thought the person is out of his mind. But, as they say anything can happen in WWE.

Its good to see the company finally pushing the guys who deserve it and whom the fans admire. The main event list for Summerslam, one of the flagship PPVs of the brand, seems to like a wishlist of an IWC smark.

The matches that intrigue me the most(apart from dean vs ziggler) are Cena vs Styles and Lesner Vs Orton. Especially the latter. Its the first time the two cats will be facing each other after they have become major Cash Cows for the company. It will be interesting how they go about booking this match. While its clear that the beast will win, the key lies in how they go choreograph the whole action. While Lesner is a legit ass kicker, Orton has also been booked strong thus far. WWE cannot and SHOULD NOT let Lesner German Randy all over the place just like would do to any member of the new era. For the simple reason, if that happens Randy would lose all credibility in the new era.

I expect the match to be a back and forth one. Let’s see how it goes.

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