Is this democracy or simply propaganda?

The last couple months I am spending a lot of time traveling Europe and staying in hotels for weeks. Most of hotels have a 24/7 service room for work and a living room that are showing CNN 24/7 to keep company with people.

So below are what I’ve learned the last couple months about American people via CNN:

Russia, China, North Korea, Turkey and every country that have oil are a minute away to attack them. Also aliens are just in the corner to kidnap most of them.

In a country that is still domestically monitoring 24/7 ALL communications and still have PATRIOT Act enable after 16 years.

And finally bullets are killing people. Not guns, not police, nothing. Bullets (all alone) are killing un-armed people in streets.

And on top of that the world have given Nobel Peace Prize to Presidents that have declared WAR with some other country in the past, without any evidence what so ever or any explanation.

Also, I’ve learned that golf and football is top news priority for CNN and the ability to have Republican and Democrats commentators to respond to every tweet of US president.

So … is this democracy? or simple just propaganda to keep Americans in fear?

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