There is no one-size-fits-all solution to lasting weight loss. But if you reduce your food intake (most important) and you become more active, you will lose weight.
How to Lose Weight Permanently
Karen Nimmo

I agree with you that there’s no one-size-fits-all solution (and I see what you did there, by the way).

I do think you left out a significant segment of the population who struggle with eating disorders. Be it anorexia, bulemia, or compulsive overeating, an eating disorder can’t be managed by sheer willpower.

It’s so important for those who struggle with more serious food-related issues to know that compassionate, effective help is available — help that gets to the heart of why we eat (or don’t), not just what and how much.

In waging my own battle with complusive eating, I’ve come to firmly believe I use food as a way to cope and numb myself when reality is too much to bear. No diet or exercise plan ever brought me the clarity to understand that and find a new and better way to accept life and accept myself.

Recovery has done that for me, and given me the self-compassion to make positive, healthy changes.

So, diet and exercise is enough for some, but there are many of us who need more.

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