I understand your point of view, although a bit bitterly delivered.
Kendrick Burson

Ahhh, I intended that response to be directed to AJ, not to be published on Lauren’s page. I am new to this ‘Medium’ medium.

For those reading, I do believe in loving committed relationships, whether monogamous or poly-amory (I have a friend in such a relationship, strange to me but to each their own.) For single people I believe the sex-industry does provide a healthy outlet that can protect many people from unhealthy relationships, date-rape or worse.

Not everyone is cut-out to handle a long term committed relationship. When children are involved it is tantamount to maintain a healthy relationship with lots of communication. It is no longer about you, but about the family, and the children, but you cannot forsake yourself entirely or you will become miserable, bitter and resentful causing the whole unit to fail.

Communication is the key. Find a pattern that satisfies all members of your family or relationship and you will succeed, be selfish or secretive about your needs and you will fail.