Why Do Women Wear Sexy Clothes If They Don’t Want Attention?
Emma Lindsay

I salute your insights. Yes, you should be able to dress sexy and feel good about yourself, in the right situation. When you go out on the town please dress up to your heart’s desire. When you go to work, please keep it simple. There is no place for sexuality in the workplace unless you work in fashion or the sex-industry.

When in a social situation it is always appreciated to see a woman, or a man, that knows how to take care of themselves and dress well, sexy even. The more sexy you are the more social attention you get, and in a social situation that is what you are looking for.

It can be frustrating to have to ignore a woman’s blatant sexuality while attempting to communicate on a professional level. Wonder why we have so many sexual harassment cases? The belief that men, and women, should simply behave themselves and treat each other as equals is true, and part of that is to dress appropriately for a professional situation. No plunging necklines or form fitting dresses, extensive makeup and hair. Sure you may be going out for drinks with friends after work, but while you are at work I want to communicate and collaborate with your mind, not have to fight the urge to look at your well displayed breasts or tightly covered ass.

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