Men watch porn because they have been taught to take care of themselves.
AJ Butler

I understand your point of view, although a bit bitterly delivered. It is these topics that have lead me to believe that prostitution and the sex industry is healthy. It is in fact a more honest arrangement than most relationships or marriages, a clear cut transaction. And the arguments against it are that it spreads disease and is morally bankrupt. Really? Have you been to a pick up bar? drugs, alcohol, date rape… how careful is an inebriated woman to protect herself from disease, or not to spread one that she already has? A Professional on the other hand is always mindful of the risks and dangers of her profession and takes extensive measures to protect herself.

I think alot of the societal arguments against the sex industry is that it takes power away from woman who do not participate in it. If a man can walk to any local brothel and pay for the sexual gratification he so desperately needs, then what need does he have to pay attention to the woman who wants him to pay her bills, buy her clothes, cars, houses and fancy vacations.

Yes, sex workers are the most honest and open when dealing with sex, everyone else has their own hidden agenda, needs or perversions that they hide from you as they try to get at least what they want out of any relationship/transaction.

Anyways, peace out brotha, have fun in any way that pleases you, as long as it does not hurt someone else, have at it.

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