Such a quintessential Trump supporter post, with all the standard tropes: meandering misanthropy…
Scott Stavrou

Ah yes, The soul of a far left wing socialist who continues to force feed political correctness and nanny state entitlements wherever you go.

Ok, and honest admission that will garner me much hate mail. I do not know who Heather Heyer is, nor do I care, nor do I want to be brow beaten by her life story. None of it has any affect on me, my life or those around me. I live on the West Coast, far from the chaos and strife you speak of. I live in a deep blue state, although know many republican voters. Ms Heyer’s death was a tragedy, that is an easy thing to say. ANY death is a tragedy, to someone, somewhere. The manner of her death is heinous, agreed, and those responsible should be punished. Ok? Ok. We’ll leave it there.

Fox News? Nah, I don’t have TV. I cut the cable last year. Tired of the propaganda and social engineering. I do listen to various stations on Sirius XM radio on my commute to work; Steele & Unger is a favorite, they give a balanced view of our current political melee. Steele is Republican, Unger is Democrat, together they discuss the issues fairly, balanced, and usually not in agreement. Although, lately they are very disappointed with Trump’s performance, even though Steele voted for him. Another good one is Andrew Wilkow (The Wilkow Majority). He discusses facts, not social opinion. His arguments are always backed by facts, and yes, he is a Trump supporter, but he also beats up the current administrations faux pas as they unfold, but he mainly discusses issues like the constitution, and civics and how they apply to our current situation, and how often the democrats and left wing fanaticists try to mislead the public with half-truths and outright falsehoods. Fascinating stuff. Many have tried but none can actually break the arguments that he makes — mostly because his arguments are focused on facts and not broad statements of innuendo. Another is Mark Levin, a well published author. I even listen to Glenn Beck, a decidedly right wing bible thumper, but it is always good to get information from both sides to stay balanced.

Ahh, but of course you only listen to news that enables your narrowly focused agenda. That is what I expect from right wing liberals.

Oh, and the manner of supporting white supremacists? Give me a G.D. Break! My wife is Asian, my sister married a man from Malaysia and converted to Islam in the process, my other sister is a born again Christian, my father is a deist… My family is across the board. Half hate Trump, half support his agenda (but maybe not his methods). So, no, I have no love spared for Neo-Nazi White Supremacists, they are just as extreme in their beliefs as right wing fascists. But, I believe the constitution gives them the right to speak their peace, in peaceful assembly, regardless of whether or not anyone wants to hear it.

On Trump’s response to the “Tragedy in Carolina”, I got the gist of it from the excerpts they played on the radio, and the discussions from the talk jockeys I tune into. It sounded like he hit all the right points and strongly denounced the bad guys.

Unfortunately you continue to mix facts with opinions creating factoids. Not helping. Trump’s delay to respond was not a show of support, that is your opinion, not a fact. Unfortunately opinion meisters attempt to try and convict everyone in the court of public opinion, mob rule — throw out law and actual facts, mob rule and passion are the new law here!


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