How The Government’s Super-Platinum Credit Card Works
Neil Wilson

Neil, would it possible to contact Jeremy Corbyn and John McDonnell to further the MMT ideas? We really need to contact them to take our ideas to the next stage. If we can get good policies implemented in the UK by winning in 2020, which I think we might be able to if the Tories cause a recession and/or house price crash, we can further them to the rest of the world once they are implemented well.

I was thinking of writing an email suggesting that, say, yourself and Bill Mitchell become advisors. Would that be a good idea or not?

Of course if you do not want this to happen say so. I don’t mind at all. I just thought I would bring it up.

It is probably better if you email Jeremy yourself. You can contact him:

McDonnell seems less accessable as I sent him an email before about MMT in general and the reply was this:

“Thank you for contacting the office of the Shadow Chancellor of the Exchequer.

Due to the high volume of correspondence, please accept this message as an acknowledgment that your e-mail has been received and will be dealt with as soon as possible. Your patience is appreciated.

For the following enquiries please contact:

Constituency — using the word ‘Constituency’ in the subject line or call 0208 569 0010

Media —

Campaigns —

Diary/Invitations/Meetings —

Kind regards.”

These ideas don’t really fit into any of those four areas. Also it seems they are very busy due to the leadership election? Perhaps we need to act quickly though before policy cannot be questioned and whilst the Economic Advisory Committee is not active.

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