My College Concerns as a Junior in High School

Being sort of a college student in post-secondary I feel like almost every day I have more concerns. At first I, had little, but over the summer having to go to orientation and getting everything set up, to the first day of college, all the way to now I feel overwhelmed, stressed, and anxiety. 
 What concerns me a lot is possibly living by yourself and maybe having troubles like being homesick, or confused. Just trying to get your life together while stepping out in to the big world. If I end up going to Akron which I don’t want to do then I could stay home and live there because I live two minutes away, but leaving the state is what I want to do. Leaving the state would mean living on my own and that scares me yes, mostly because I don’t know what to expect or how to handle things when it comes right down to it. These thoughts to me are frightening and I know that in a couple of years I’m going to have to face it head on and it will be overwhelming but I’ll get through it and probably after a couple of years of college I wont feel overwhelmed or scared anymore. 
 Another concern that troubles me a bit is pricing on everything and anything while still managing a job? Going to college is not cheap in anyway and you must get loans after loans so you can get an education then get a job and slowly pay off your loans. But while you’re in college you still have to pay off the loans as much as you can. Sitting in high school I worry about the loans and paying them off mostly because at the same time I have to pay for food, gas, housing, etc. 
 A couple last concerns of college I have are sleep and stress. I seem to always be tired no matter when I go to sleep or when I wake up so getting a lot of homework while going to a lot of classes and trying to balance it all will be hard. It will be hard but I know that I will just have to sleep after I graduate. The other thing stress is so important because stressing is so bad for you. It’s not healthy yet I do it all the time and I probably wouldn’t if I didn’t procrastinate so before I really hit college full on I need to break procrastination and learn things to do to stop me from stressing so much. 
 Even though I have these concerns I have no experience with any of these and don’t know if it’s as hard as I think it is. I am still only a high school student embracing for the life of college and having more than one class. I hope college seems more easy than what I’m expecting and I hope that I learn not to procrastinate. All I know is that once I graduate high school I’m going to need to work my butt off at school and at a job and get the best education for myself that I can.

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