What Type of Reader am I?

My name is Kegan Fast, I’m 16 years old. I go to Coventry High School as a junior. I take one class through The University of Akron Distance Learning lab, which is English Comp 1. 
 What type of reader am I? Well starting in elementary school and ending last year in 10th grade I have read many books through my English classes, whether as a group or alone and then talk about it. I would say every book I read in school was good and I enjoyed reading them; like Where the Red Fern Grows, or The Five People You Meet in Heaven. Outside of school I don’t read, in fact I dislike reading unless I can manage to find a good book that keeps me interested 80% of the time.
 For me I can barely find books I like and that interest me I try to read books and most I just dislike. Ones I have read though was the Maze Runner series one and two that were recommended by a friend. I tried to read the third book but it quickly lost my interest unlike one and two and I couldn’t finish. Another book that has interested me is Miss Peregrines Home for Peculiar Children which I am currently reading and love.
 Overall, every book in school I have read were all good but outside of school I have only found a select group of books that keep me interested enough to read. The ones that interest me are mostly adventure, comedic, and I guess you could also throw a little romance in there also. 
With all this I liked all the books that we read in school they had good messages like work hard or tell the truth simple things that mean so much more than the cover story of it. Reading for me is good when it’s from school and a couple I get recommended or find adventure in.