Droidcon NYC 2019 CFP

Kevin Galligan
May 31, 2019 · 3 min read

It’s that time of year again! Droidcon NYC will be back for year 6, bringing together the best and brightest of the Android development world.

This year’s CFP opened a few weeks ago, and will be open until June 16th. I like to make sure we have some time after I/O and post I/O vacations to digest all the new stuff that’s happening. We have digested!


Every year we get requests for topics of interest and some guidance for how to submit.

Some general advice. The talk selection panel (announced soon) will be made up of Android developers out there in the community building production Android and mobile apps. What they’re interested in is likely what you and others in the community are interested in (which is the point of a selection panel :)

Also, Droidcon NYC tends to lean towards mid-level and advanced talks. Intro talks are fine, but if they are on topics that can be found in many other places, they may have a difficult time being selected.

New Stuff

Anything announced at I/O. Android Q stuff, Jetpack additions, Android Studio and developer productivity. Anything that’s new in general is obviously of current interest.


I point this out specifically because I absolutely want at least one Compose talk. Trying it out, talking about the architecture, deep dive, compare to Flutter (🔥🔥🔥), whatever.


More details later, but obviously Kotlin is a big big topic. Coroutines, Libraries, build issues/improvements, deep dives. Kotlin’s a pretty big deal.

Kotlin Multiplatform

Last year we had a lot of Multiplatform content, and I think one of the first MP apps in the iOS app store. We are doubling down this year. There will be at least one day’s track focused on Kotlin Multiplatform topics. Kotlin Native and iOS, Kotlin/JS, Webassembly, building libraries, using in production, etc. If you are interested and not sure what to submit, find me on ASG or the Kotlin slack groups (or twitter, or whatever).

Flutter, though?

Yes, Flutter too! There’s obviously a lot of interest in the Android dev community around Flutter. I think as Flutter has “matured”, I’d expect more on real world usage experience and integrating with existing apps.

React Native, PWA, etc. If it’s happening out in the community, it’s potentially of interest.

Other Big Topics

Machine Learning, Android Auto, and any other API’s or platform-specific features that might be of interest.

Architecture, Deep Dives, and Best Practice

It’s not all “new stuff”. Discussions of architecture, tech deep dives, and best practice opinions are always good topics.

Last year we saw a lot of what could be best described as “react-like” UI, and I would only expect that to continue.

I’m a sucker for a good technical deep dive, especially things you might use a lot but rarely think about.


Last year we requested submissions from the community for Keynote talks. That worked out great, and we’re doing the same this year. If you’ve got a good Keynote topic, please submit (prefix the title with “Keynote:” for clarity). As for actual topics, I’d take a look around at other tech conferences and talk about things relevant to the community. Can be technical-ish, but not super technical.

Good Luck!

This conference is only possible with great community and great content. Every year I am amazed with the level of content submitted, and fully expect this year to be no different!

Kevin Galligan

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President of Touchlab, a mobile experts shop https://touchlab.co. Host of NYC Android Meetup and Droidcon NYC. Future proofer.

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