Kotlin/Everywhere at Droidcon NYC

Kevin Galligan
Jul 29 · 3 min read

Droidcon NYC’s CFP hit a new high this year. Not just numbers, but really excellent content as well. The lineup is amazing and we’re very excited for this year’s event!

Jetbrains and Google have created an event series called Kotlin/Everywhere. Droidcon NYC is proud to be a part of the event series. We were originally thinking it would be “a track” at the event, but as Android is mostly Kotlin-focused now, and because we’ve made a strong effort to have Multiplatform front and center, the “Kotlin-focused” content is going to be everywhere.

If you haven’t heard, Kotlin won Breakout project of the year at OSCON!

Kotlin is obviously big on Android, and multiplatform it really picking up steam. A lot is going to happen over the next year!

Discount Code

Discount tickets with code ‘KE@DCNYC

Kotlin Talks

Most of the content at an Android conference in 2019 is going to be around Kotlin on some level (except for the Flutter folks). However, here’s the stuff that’s about Kotlin specifically, libraries (re)designed around Kotlin, and Multiplatform topics.

General Topics

Performance in a Kotlin world — Sean McQuillan & Daniel Galpin

Diving into advanced Kotlin features — Simon Wirtz

Kids, Play Nice! — Writing With Kotlin-Java Interop — Britt Barak

Tall Legacy App with 10 Pumps Kotlin — Nicole Borrelli

If your code looks like it’s Kotlin … then it probably is Swift. — Adrian Catalan & Cecilia Castillo
Swift and Kotlin are friends (sort of multiplatform related)


Flowing Things, not so strange in the MVI world — Garima Jain

Coroutine + Flow = MVI ❤ — Etienne Caron


I’m not going to list every library that uses Kotlin, just some that stick out. We have a few talks on Jetpack Compose specifically, which I think qualifies!

Android Jetpack ❤️ Kotlin: on the road to more wholesome APIs — Wojtek Kaliciński

SELECT * FROM Kotlin — Sam Edwards
DB options for Kotlin (will pressure for more Multiplatform)

Prototyping with Jetpack Compose — Ben Oberkfell
Making stuff with Compose

How it’s made: Jetpack Compose — Yousuf Haque & Zachary Smith
Deep dive into how Compose works

Hands on MvRx: Building Real Apps — Gabriel Peal


If you’ve been following myself and Touchlab, Kotlin Multiplatform has become a large focus of our advocacy and what we “do” at the office. I wanted to make Droidcon NYC the most Multiplatform conference around, at least until Kotlinconf. From the content all the way down to the app, there’s a lot of KMP.

If you’ve been poking around KMP, or are wondering what it’s about, we’ve got you covered.

Native with Kotlin/Native — Eugene Petrenko
Intro from Eugene of Jetbrains

Building apps using Kotlin Native — Jeremy Rempel
Another intro, more mobile focused

Using Kotlin/JS and Kotlin/Native on Android — Jake Wharton
All Kotlin flavors in one place

SwiftUI meets Kotlin Multiplatform! — John O’Reilly
It works

Wire 3 : Tackling gRPC with Kotlin — Benoit Quenaudon & Egor Andreevici

Multiplatform Functional Architecture — Michael Pardo

Effective Multiplatform Architecture — Ryan Harter

Multiplatform Library Development — Russell Wolf
We need more libraries!

Native Concurrency and Coroutines — Ben Asher

ReduxKotlin.org: Redux for All Kotlin platforms — Patrick Jackson

Lessons Learned from Using Kotlin Multiplatform internally — JB Lorenzo

Transforming a Java Desktop Application to Kotlin Multiplatform — Jossi Wolf

Connect platforms with a Kotlin DSL — Patrick Cousins

More to come…

We’ll (Touchlab) *probably* have a workshop on building Multiplatform apps, and I may do a lightning talk about libraries and ecosystem, but still need to sort out details. There will be other KMP news. Stay tuned.

Kevin Galligan

Written by

President of Touchlab, a mobile experts shop https://touchlab.co. Host of NYC Android Meetup and Droidcon NYC. Future proofer.

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