My Boot Camp Experience - Day 5

Back in the days, precisely between March 2008 and April 2012 i worked for one of Africa’s largest bank(United Bank for Africa). The major means of communication was via internal memos,unfortunately for the operations department our direct supervisor had a B.A in English Language,meaning she could not stand poorly written English. I remember Chinenye asking one of us if he did GNS 101 in his polytechnic days. Boy! most of us who were polytechnic graduate could not give our best that day because we were furious, how could Chinenye be asking a graduate if he did GNS 101.

As we progressed on the job,it became very clear most of us lacked basic writing skills,but there was one guy Chinenye could not compete with grammatically. This guy wrote and spoke better english than even Chinenye. Even though he was a Mechanical Engineering student from Kaduna Polytechnic, he became the go to guy for writing memos.I was one of his fans ,most times i would even have him proof read my memo before submitting to Chinenye.Some customers did not know his name because everyone called him Mr. Eloquence.

Fast forward to February 19,2016. After barely about fifteen minutes,for the first time after a while i got blown away by another Mr. Eloquence(Andela’s Director of Engineering and Training,Mr. Nadayar Enegesi) I use to think he is from the southern part of Africa, little did i know he was from the South-South part of Nigeria. His charisma was contagious and his spoken English impeccable,it was as if our interaction with him should not end. Permit me to borrow a line from my Warri brothers “Bros, you too mush”

As usual my fifth day in the bootcamp started with a game called “Object in the room”. Each camper was expected to mention the name of an object in the room, and believe me after about three rounds each and everyone of us had something to mention. Before i forget though Tijesunimi made Demilade scream twice, why?because he mentioned something she had in mind on those two occasions.

We were then introduced to the elder brother of Andelabs(HackerRanks,a site for learning to program.Which has exercises ranging from levels of easy to difficult). We were to provide solutions to some basic sorting algorithm problems.I was able to complete only just three of the exercises and submitted a screen short of my solutions to our trainer,Bukky. She then gave us our assignment for the weekend, which is supposed to be a mini note taking application.

As our trainer was about leaving,she mentioned to us that we will each be getting a mail from the recruitment team between Saturday and Sunday. As expected I was hoping for the best,and that was exactly what i got. I wish all my peeps who did not make it to the next stage the best that life can offer.

Looking forward to one of the most intense week i will be having for quite sometime. When next you here “This is Andela” you can add “Where you are required to be the best and nothing but the best”. Stay out of trouble and show love to somebody. Signing out!