My Expectations from Andela’s Bootcamp

As a little child growing up. What where the things you wished for? getting married, having lovely children, working in a very big company, having so much money you could do just about anything, building one of the finest house, being the richest man in the world, etc. Like we say in Nigeria “who no like beta thing”.

I doubt that I’m the only one around who has had conflicting feelings and thoughts about expectations. Sure you have heard the saying “expect nothing from anybody, so you don’t get disappointed”. What about? “expect the best, prepare for the worst and capitalize on what come”. Like a Hausa man will say Menene! Meaning, what is it? Why does it seems everyone has got an expectation?

Who has never been disappointed? Did I hear you say nobody? Is there anyone one who has not achieved any form of success before? Are you still saying nobody? Therefore my expectations are my creation, focusing my energies on what I want and only that; that there was no blame to be spread because my expectations were unfulfilled; and that if it was only disappointment that I was experiencing — the end of the world would still not be now. Enough of the lecture right, so what exactly do I hope to achieve during these ten days I will be attending the bootcamp

Meet Interesting People: My Andela experience will be incomplete if I do not get to make new friends. I like to meet people particularly does who share the same interest as myself. Whomever I meet I like to know their perspective about a whole lot of things, because this helps me relate with them better. I will be striving to learn as much as I can from anyone I meet in the boot camp and also be willing to share the little that I know. Getting to know the resources other boot campers use to learn to code is also of great interest to me.
Think like a developer: I believe developers have a certain way of thinking. During my stay at Andela I hope to know how developer think, how they derive passion to code, how they develop quality code, how they maintain code, how they seek for help on certain issues that are complex to comprehend etc.
Learn new soft skills: Soft Skills are very important to every Software Developer. During the boot camp period I hope to develop myself in the following areas, critical thinking and problem solving, how to be a great team player, how to be a good listener, how to be a good communicator, how to negotiate etc.
Handle frustration: For the short period I have been learning to code, it seems to me that one field that has a lot of frustrating moment is the software development field. One minute you are so frustrated, the next minute is like you are on top of the world when your code works well. I hope to learn how to handle those frustrating moments that will definitely come.
Organized way of handling work: One thing that excites me is how organized Andela seems, this I can testify to with the way they handle things. I look forward to learning how the company stays so organized despite being located in a rowdy state like Lagos.
Set myself up for success: Getting to know the resources that developers at Andela get exposed to will be of immense benefits to me. Resources they use to communicate, how they learn to code,how they learn about business etc.
Render help to someone: Zig Ziglar of blessed memory said “you will get all you want in life, if you help enough other people get what they want”. It will be my joy to bring smiles to all the individuals I will be meeting by providing solutions to their problems no matter how little.
If you believe it, you can receive it. Andela here I come.