I was teased a lot as a kid. It started with my ears. They were big. They stuck out like Dumbo. I know that because that is what they called me in Kindergarten, in 1st grade and in 2nd. Then I had an operation to have them pinned back so they looked normal. My dad had the same operation when he was a kid, because he was teased too. I had to wear this whole head cast the entire summer. I went to school the next day. They saw my ears were fixed. They stopped making fun of my ears, and started making fun of me because I was shy. That one stuck for a while. All through High School. I wasn’t popular. I was skinny. I was made fun of that too. I was the shy skinny kid. Most days I tolerated it. Some days were tough. I remember this one time I faked being sick so I could stay home and not go to school. My parents were at work and I was home alone. Technically my Grandma was watching me but she lived next door and stayed over there. I was laying on my couch and I thought to myself I wonder if I hold my breath long enough I could die. I was really sad at that moment. I was home thinking of all the kids that teased me. It was mostly girls. Boys teased me too but it was the girls that teased me that hurt the most. I was laying on the couch and I really thought about just holding my breath until I was dead. It seemed like an easy way to just end the teasing. Just stop breathing. I held my breath. It seemed pretty easy, then it got hard. I kept holding my breath. I kept telling myself to keep holding my breath. Keep going through with it. It got harder and harder. Eventually, I gave up and let out a big gasp. I tried a few more times but with the same result. I was really sad that day. My parents came home from work and asked how I was feeling and I said I felt better. The next day I went back to school.

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