How this micro-booking site is changing up the hotel game.

KPMG High Growth Ventures talks to Starsha Green, Founder of Suite24 about her startup and how we’ve supported its growth and vision.

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Tell us your startup, what problem does it solve and how? How big is the team?

Suite24 is a micro-stay booking site, we allow people and hotels to think differently about how hotels can be better utilised, from short bookings to conference rooms and shared spaces. Our platform provides users with the flexibility to customise their stay, whether it be for business, leisure or relaxation.

We’re a growing team of four and have several vendors and partners helping us on our journey.

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What solution did High Growth Ventures provide you with? And how did it help your startup?

High Growth Ventures assisted Suite24 in pulling together our financials, forecasts and assumptions across the APAC region.

The team also conducted in-depth market research and generated a fantastic market and industry report.

High Growth Ventures helped us validate our projections and gave us solid foundations from which we can scale.

How did you decide to work with KPMG & High Growth Ventures?

High Growth Ventures were referred to me by a client of Canvas Group who are assisting us with our branding, marketing and development. KPMG had helped with their financials and they were very happy with the result.

How did you find working with High Growth Ventures and the wider team?

The team was fantastic and really demonstrated a fast understanding of what we needed to achieve. Their ability to translate our discussion into tangible figures and reports in just one or two sessions was very impressive.

The team acted as our support mechanism during the process, which helps us get up and running.

We really enjoyed working with Nato from High Growth Ventures and appreciated his recommendation to work with Sarah who conducted the research and reports, she really understood what we were trying to achieve from the first meeting.

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What’s your vision for the future?

Suite24 is my passion and my dream. To get this up and in as many hotels as possible across APAC in the next 12 months is my key focus. Then we will looking at going global.

What are 3 things you do to keep you sane as a busy founder?

As a single mother, business woman and serial entrepreneur, I really need time to collect my thoughts and focus my mind to keep me on track.

  1. I love working out, so yoga and boxing a few times a week are mandatory!
  2. Monday lunch with our team is also a must, it sets us up for the week and helps us focus on the key items we need to achieve to have a successful week.
  3. Remembering to have fun along the way… Startups are stressful so I schedule in time for fun and always celebrate the small wins as we move through the process.

What did you have for breakfast? (Be honest!)

Coffee….just coffee 😊

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